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At Hazelwood, we strive to develop children’s ability to speak and write fluently so that they can confidently communicate their own wonderful ideas, views and feelings to others.

At the core of our Hazelwood writing curriculum are carefully selected, high quality texts which inspire, motivate and challenge but that also evoke a love of literature for our children. We use CLPE power of reading texts to build creative writing units and real, relevant, immersive and purposeful experiences or stimuli as the building blocks for all of our writing outcomes. Within writing units, we aim for children to understand what constitutes good writing and why certain techniques have been used so that they can build a bank of good models on which they can base their own writing. We expose children to aspirational vocabulary and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of grammar, so that they can write creatively and independently within a range of different genres.

As part of the Hazelwood writing cycle, we aim for children to be immersed within core texts and stimuli before imitating through role play, drama and story mapping. We believe it is important to give children the opportunity to innovate and plan their ideas before writing with independence. Children are taught to review and edit their writing and have the opportunity to develop their writing further. Our curriculum aims to inspire children to create relevant and purposeful writing through contextualised content, global stimuli and awareness of their audience.

“I love English - it pushes me to write more and challenges my writing ability so that I can get better all the time.” (Year 6 child)