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Pupil Voice & Responsibility

Pupil Voice

At Hazelwood, children are encouraged to articulate their feelings and opinions on all aspects of school life. This could be through School Council, Pupil Surveys or our annual Pupil Voice afternoon. Opinions gathered from our children is always considered for future developments within the school.

Children in our school council getting ready to lead their pupil voice sessions, asking children to give their opinions on key issues such as bullying, mental health and behaviour, 

Recently, children were asked to give their opinion on the school meals served at lunchtime. We invited the head chefs from HCL to talk to them – they certainly put them through their paces!

Pupil Responsibility

Children have many opportunities to become leaders in school. These include elected representatives on our school council, curriculum ambassadors such Science, Spanish and Computing, Buddies and Eco champions.

School Council

Our School Councillors are made up of a representative from each class across the school from Year 1 - 6. Children who wish to be the School Council representative are asked to prepare and deliver a speech to their class. Each child in the class votes in a democratic election.

The School Council meet regularly with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to raise and discuss key issues that they feel are important to them and their peers in order to further improve the school.

School Council are given much responsibility at Hazelwood. They are involved in the recruitment of staff; speaking with visitors and other educational professionals; and meeting with Governors. There is a progress display board which describes what they have done and how things have changed for the better and what they plan on doing in the future.

Our 2023-2024 School Council Representatives
Year 6 House Captains

Our Year 6 House Captains are elected by their Houses at the beginning of September. The children have lots of responsibility, including: monitoring behaviour; meeting with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and School Council to discuss issues across the school; supporting with parent tours; handing out values certificates in Achievement Assemblies; leading assemblies; motivating and celebrating with their houses during assemblies and sports events; and much, much more. They are our role models for behaviour and the rest of the school and have high expectations of themselves as well as others.

Our House Captains for 2023-2024

Hazelwood Buddies

At Hazelwood, we have our Year 6 Buddies who regularly meet to discuss any ideas regarding Physical Education (PE) and how to support our Key Stage 1 children in the playground. Buddies have an opportunity to share their own thoughts and opinions with the group and collectively agree on any decisions that are made.

Buddies apply at the start of each academic year by writing a letter of application stating why they think they would make an excellent candidate for the job and, most importantly, why they want to be one!

Buddies are trained at the beginning of the year to lead activities and games with younger children and are taught the important qualities that are needed when working with them. Once they have qualified and received their certificates, Buddies work with Key Stage 1 children during lunchtimes each week to lead games and ensure playtimes are inclusive for everyone and that no child is left alone with no one to play with. This role develops Hazelwood values such as teamwork, kindness, respect and trust as well as building their confidence and communication skills throughout the year.


Science Ambassadors

‘I love Science because it covers so many interesting topics and unlocks a list of endless possibilities’ Year 6 child.

Introducing… Science Ambassadors!

I am thrilled to announce the new team of Science Ambassadors who were successful in the application process. As leaders of Science, there will be lots of exciting opportunities to enhance their own scientific understanding as well as supporting with the teaching and learning throughout Hazelwood, kicking off this coming half term with biweekly CREST Award experiments and forming a judging panel for the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize 2023.


Our mission is to make Hazelwood as eco-friendly as possible. We learn about issues that are impacting our immediate environment such as air pollution, plastic pollution, food waste, plastic waste and fast fashion waste.  At Hazelwood, we aim to educate our community and show them simple solutions on how they can do their bit to help. The Eco Councillors do this by making videos, signs and posters. They have also set up a pen recycling scheme and hope to get our own clothes bank very soon.    

Spanish Ambassadors

Every class in Key Stage 2 has two Spanish Ambassadors. 

Our Spanish Ambassadors are role models to their peers. Their main role is to help promote the speaking of Spanish in their class throughout the week. They encourage the teacher to display their current vocabulary at different times of the week for all the class to practise together and to help support some children with this if needed.

They are also responsible for helping the Spanish teacher in administrative work, including collecting information regarding pupil views surrounding Spanish teaching and learning and to give feedback.


Reading Buddies 

Children in Year 4 and 5 love to support our Reception, Year 1 and 2 children every lunchtime with their love of reading. They read books and tell stories to the youngest children in the school, showing all of our values and responsibility by doing so. Children are encouraged to write a job application for the role and take it very seriously indeed!