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Our Vision & Values

At Hazelwood, we are really proud to be a Values-based school where we believe in nurturing responsible citizens to achieve educational excellence by inspiring awe and wonder through a real, relevant, immersive and purposeful curriculum. Our Vision and Values underpin all that we do. 

A Value is a principle that guides our thinking and our behaviour.
Hazelwood Schools achieved the Values-Based accreditation in July 2021. The children in our school know our values really well and aim to live by them in all aspects of school life and at home. 

At Hazelwood Schools, every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school. Values are intended to support the personal, social and spiritual development of every child throughout the school.

The whole staff team, parents and children are involved in promoting values and recognising where others are ‘living the values’. The values chosen have been selected after consultation with children, staff, governors and parents as values which are important within the school community and which will be important throughout life.



We endeavour to work and play with everyone within our community and show respect for every group and individual, the school environment and ourselves. We demonstrate self-respect and believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally.


We demonstrate our kindness through our thoughts, words and actions.  We help others to act with kindness and understand that kindness needs to be shown to all. We have an understanding of good manners and demonstrate these at all times.  Through our acts of kindness, we develop positive relationships with all others throughout our communities.



We “bounce back” from setbacks. We show resilience and perseverance as we try to achieve our goals. We understand the need to work hard. We are not afraid to take risks and take on-board advice that is given to us to help us in our continual development.



We embrace challenges and set high expectations for ourselves. We know what we want to achieve and how to achieve it. We recognise how our school learning can help us to achieve our goals in life and the wider world.



We think carefully to find solutions to the problems we may encounter. We express ourselves in many different ways and are not afraid to be unique or individual in our acts or thoughts. We celebrate our talents and work hard to develop these. We appreciate and are inspired by the imagination and creativity of others and seek to encourage this.



We endeavour to work and play with everyone. We believe in the power of teamwork – of cooperating and collaborating. Working together enables success for all. We show appreciation and understanding for every group and individual and people’s different beliefs and ways of life. 



We learn that responsibility is doing our share. We carry out our duties with integrity. We accept what is required and carry out the task to the best of our ability. We know that responsibility lies at home, school and in our world. We know that along with rights there are responsibilities.



We learn that courage is being brave, even when it seems hard to do so. We learn that in life, courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. To be courageous is to also stand up and speak for what is right. We understand that having courage is being the change in what you want to see in the world.


APPRECIATION and Understanding

We learn that it is important to appreciate and accept ourselves, even when we make mistakes. We learn to appreciate and accept others, even when they make mistakes. We learn that we are all unique and have something valuable to offer and share. We learn to appreciate and understand differences. We understand feelings of others and show empathy by really listening and seeing. We understand and learn to appreciate why others behave as they do and understand our own motives. We learn to have an appreciation and understanding of the diverse world we live in and our place in the global community.



We learn that if we are trustworthy we can be relied on to do the right thing. We learn that trust is not giving in to temptations or wants. We learn that trusting people is part of everyday life. We understand that trusting people requires great courage and faith.



We learn that honesty is to speak that which is thought and do that which is spoken. There are no contradictions in thoughts, words and actions. We learn that honesty is having a clear conscience and that being honest brings trust.



We learn that fairness is to have access to equal opportunities in an inclusive environment, making reasonable adjustments where appropriate. It is the understanding that we all have equal rights and should treat others how we would like to be treated. We recognise and accept that rules and values are in place to ensure fairness exists at Hazelwood Schools.