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Our EYFS Curriculum

OUR CURRICULUM IS DRIVEN BY BOTH THE KEY TEXTS WE USE AS WELL AS THE CHILDREN THEMSELVES. It iS guided by the seven areas of learning and development and the educational programmes Set out in EYFS Framework.

Our carefully selected key texts enable us to explore many areas of the curriculum. When planning, we look at all seven areas of learning and we create purposeful learning opportunities and experiences for our children.

We have thought carefully about the knowledge and skills that our children need to enable them to progress to their next stage of learning. Although the EYFS Framework is separate to the National Curriculum, our Hazelwood Early Years curriculum does not sit in isolation and is very much part of the whole school Hazelwood Curriculum.

Click below for the Nursery and Reception curriculum pages. 


How do we learn? 

“Play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, relate to others, set their own goals and solve problems. Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by adults.” Statutory Framework for the EYFS DfE 2021

Our curriculum is taught through a combination of adult led, structured learning as well as child-initiated learning. We provide our children with opportunities to choose their own activities and to learn through play in both the inside and the outside environment.