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Dissecting the pluck

To consolidate their learning on the circulatory system, children took part in a hands-on session where they had the opportunity to look at and handle the pluck of a sheep. Children saw up close the different parts of the circulatory system including: the heart, blood vessels, aorta and lungs. They had lots of interesting questions and enjoyed seeing their learning come to life. 


Year 6 maths competition 

On Tuesday 9th February, four of our year 6 children proudly represented Hazelwood Schools at a Year 6 Inter-Schools Maths Compeition at St Monica's Primary School. The compeititon was tough but we are very proud of our Hazelwood children for showing our school values of teamwork, ambition, resilience and courage in abundance! 

You can see what they got up to here: 

Making blood in science 

In Science, we have been learning about the circulatory system! This week, we made... blood! Our plastic sandwich bags were the blood vessels which we first filled with food colouring and cheerios to represent the red blood cells. We then added squash to represent the liquid part of blood: plasma. After that, we finished by mixing in white marshmallows- acting as the white blood cells- and some pom poms to represent the platelets. We discussed the role that each of these parts of the blood have!

Did you know there is approximately 5 litres of blood in the human body! 

ECP PSHE WOrkshops

Children took part in a thought provoking PSHE workshop led by Charlie at ECP. Children enjoyed a variety of different group activities within this session, which certainly got everyone thinking carefully about the important message of keeping safe - both online and in the real world. Within the session there was also a strong emphasis on managing well-being and resilience,helping children to develop strategies to help them manage their thoughts and feelings whilst navigating the ever changing world around them. At the end of the session, children created a postcard of 'happy thoughts' to share with each other, children enjoyed reading the kind comments that others had written about them, celebrating the individuality of each and every child in year 6!