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At Hazelwood Schools, we believe that Geography should ignite a real sense of curiosity and nurture responsible citizens.

Children are able to explore the world around them and the people who live in it, through real, relevant, immersive and purposeful learning opportunities. Hazelwood Geographers learn about where places are and what they are like by exploring their physical and human geographical characteristics. Their enquiries are guided by the core geographical concepts of location, place, pattern and environment at varying scales, whilst investigating the processes and interconnections that occur within and between places.

Geography is inherently an investigative subject and, as such, our children engage in fieldwork experiences that deepen their understanding of geographical processes by collecting, analysing and communicating with a range of data. They also apply their geographical skills to interpret a range of sources of geographical information, including: maps, diagrams, globes, aerial photographs and geographical information systems, and then communicate this in a range of forms, such as: quantitative skills and writing at length.

The aims of our Geography curriculum are:

  • To provide real, relevant, immersive and purposeful opportunities for children to develop a secure understanding of the world around them.
  • To support children in communicating their understanding effectively and coherently using relevant geographical vocabulary, linked to a range of geographical knowledge, including: locational, place and human & physical.
  • To provide children with high-quality opportunities to enhance their geographical skills and fieldwork.
  • To develop children’s interest in the subject and a real sense of curiosity about the world around them at varying scales.
  • To enable children to successfully develop their understanding of substantive and disciplinary geographical content.
  • To inspire and engage children with the subject through enrichment opportunities, projects and e“I love Geography because we learn about all the countries in the UK.” external visits.

“I love Geography because we learn about all the countries in the UK.” (Year 1 child)

I like Geography because it makes me think.”(a Year 4 child)

 “I enjoy drawing and labelling diagrams so you can go back and use them to help you later on in a topic.” (year 6)