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At Hazelwood, we recognise the importance of all areas of the English curriculum as vital life skills that every child deserves to master in order to live a fulfilled life.

We strive for all children to leave Hazelwood Schools with a love of books and literature which will enrich their lives. We believe that children should have the courage, desire and ability to express themselves effectively both orally and in their writing so that their voice can be heard.

The aims of our English curriculum are:

  • To read easily, fluently and with a good understanding
  • To develop a positive love of reading and willingness to read often for both pleasure and to gather information
  • To use a wide and broad range of vocabulary in writing and spoken word 
  • To develop confidence and understanding of punctuation, grammar and sentence structure
  • To introduce children to a rich and varied literary heritage
  • To write clearly, articulately and coherently, adapting style, sentence structure and language for a range of audiences and purposes
  • To develop a good understanding of spelling rules and patterns 
  • To write with neat and legible handwriting that allows ideas to be understood effectively
  • To ensure children become confident and competent communicators who are able to express their ideas effectively

English is made up of different strands of learning. Please click below for more information.