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At Hazelwood Schools, we believe that our children should be equipped to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly reliant on technology.

Through offering purposeful, relevant, practical experiences we enable our children to develop their understanding and use of technology, empowering them to become safe, respectful and effective users who communicate ideas well by utilising technology and devices throughout all areas of the curriculum.

The aims of our Computing curriculum are:

  • To provide children with a high-quality, computing education that produces competent, confident computer users, who are digitally literate by the time they leave the school. 
  • To provide pupils with a range of opportunities to use a variety of different software and hardware.
  • To develop skills in finding, selecting, using and presenting information with judgement.
  • To ensure children know how to use technology respectfully and safely.
  • To ensure that our children have a secure knowledge of online safety and have the skills to tackle inappropriate content they might encounter online.
  • To develop children as computational thinkers to enable them to solve problems across the whole curriculum and life in general.
  • To use technology to enhance teaching across all subject areas and to improve access to learning for pupils with a diverse range of individual needs.  

At Hazelwood Schools we ensure that children know how to keep themselves safe online. For more information, please visit our Online Safety page