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British Values

As part of our PSHE curriculum, we provide a robust framework for promoting a positive ethos and our values across the school community, contributing significantly to British Values education, both explicitly and implicitly.

The focus across the three themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World foster and develop children’s responsibility for their own actions; respect for the actions and beliefs of others; an understanding of how each individual is protected by the rule of law; and how everyone can make a positive contribution to society through the democratic process.


  • Mock elections
  • School Parliament
  • Visit to Houses of Parliament 

Children voting for their House Captain and School Councillors at the ballot box.

Elected School Council members discuss ideas to improve the school

The rule of law

  • Behaviour for learning policy
  • High behaviour expectations by all staff
  • Public service visits including local community Police Officer
  • Upholding the law within the community
The Rules of Online Safety
A school council rep discusses the rules for keeping our toilets in good condition


Individual liberty

  • Choice of progressively more challenging activities during lessons
  • Achievement assemblies celebrating individual successes
  • School clubs catering for a range of interests
  • Support in exercising rights and freedoms safely e.g. Online Safety training
  • Entrepreneurship
Newspaper club at Hazelwood - everyone encouraged to form their own ideas and opinions on current affairs. 


Pupil Voice afternoon, where every child has the opportunity to give their opinion on current issues. 


Mutual respect

  • Restorative conversations
  • Circle times
  • Anti-bullying week
  • Healthy Relationship Education
Wearing Odd Socks to mark Anti-Bullying Week
Making traditional Jamaican bread for Multicultural Week 
Learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali during the festival of lights


Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs 

  • Values assemblies
  • Celebration assemblies for different faiths
  • PSHE lessons taught in all year groups
  • RE lessons taught in all year groups
  • Visits to a range of places of worship
  • Annual Multicultural Week 
  • RE Focus Days and celebrations 
A visit from a Rabbi during the Festival of Lights


Discussing what is similar and what is different about different religious prayers