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Election Eve Debate

Our Year 5 children were delighted to welcome children from Meridian Angel to join them for an 'Election Eve Debate' facilitated by John Gilbert.

After their fun warm-up activity, the children started the morning discussing the statement 'This House believes that the voting age should be lowered to....'. The children were given the opportunity to share their ideas about the age at which someone should be allowed to vote, with wide-ranging reasons given for their choices.

The children then formed into mini-governments, discussing what policies they would have were they in Government. Issues included reducing the amount of screen time children should have and ideas for improving the environment. Many of the children were keen to share their ideas, speaking confidently in front of the hundred people present. We were very proud of how well they spoke and the consideration they gave to their ideas.

The children left the debate with a complimentary souvenir newspaper courtesy of the 'i' newspaper.

Click here to see further photos of the event: Election Eve Debate Photos