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Art Exhibition Year 2 & 4

Over the past half term, Year 2 and Year 4 have been learning about Working in 3D in Art.
Year 2 have been working on 3D stick transformations whereby they have taken natural objects and imaginatively transformed them into tree houses. They took inspiration from the work of Artist Chris Kenny then planned, designed and created their own 3D sculptures.
Year 4 have been looking at the art of sculpture, particularly focusing on the presentation of a piece and how it can define the meaning of an artwork. They looked at the work of artists such as Antony Gormley and Yinka Shonibare for inspiration. They learnt about artworks exhibited on a plinth and then planned, designed and created their own 3D sculptures on a plinth.
The whole school visited the art exhibition and were very excited to see the work of the Year 2 and Year 4 artists.
The artwork is all absolutely amazing! We have very talented artists here at Hazelwood!

For lots of photos of the artwork and the exhibition, please click here: Art Exhibition