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This half-term’s Learning Journey is: Viva Espana!

Summer Learning objectives: Year 4 Summer Learning Objectives
Week Ending: Friday 16/06/17

In English:
This week, 
the children worked on setting description. On Monday, they began by replicating a setting description from Toro Toro, our literacy study text. They were tasked with describing the farm generally, before focusing on how a specific event affected the farm on the Tuesday (a storm). On Wednesday and Thursday, they were tasked with planning descriptive language for a variety of settings. They then wrote up and revised their descriptions. Next weekthe children will be working on character descriptions.

In Maths:
This week, 
the children worked on multiplication and division. They began the week by actually understanding what multiplication and division actually means (e.g. multiplication means ‘groups of’, such as 7 x 3 is 7 groups of 3, and division means ‘shared into equal groups’, such as 12 ÷ 3 is where 12 is split into equal groups of 3). They then applied this knowledge to investigations on the Thursday. Next week, the children will be working on time.

Also this week: The children began to discuss British Values. Some children looked at historical figures who represented each of the British Values, some looked at why British Values are important at the moment considering events in London and Manchester, and they all looked at different scenarios where the values could be applied.

Achievement Assembly Winners:

4R: Sophie
: Dana

*****************************************   REMINDERS & NOTICES   *****************************************

Please ensure that children have clean and complete PE kits in school, ready to be used. Thank you.



AUTUMN 1: LEGOland Windsor (School Trip)

On Thursday 29th and Friday 30th  September, Year 4 visited LEGOland Windsor and took part in a robotics workshop! They were tasked with programming a ‘space rover’ robot, which allowed them to learn about inputting code as well as developing their problem solving skills. The children also enjoyed some of LEGOland’s many rides and attractions. We hope you enjoy some of the photos!

Legoland 2016-17

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AUTUMN 1: The Iron Man (Big Bang)

On Wednesday, Year 4 started their new Learning Journey with a Big Bang! Mr Canniford, our Health & Safety expert, tasked the children with finding out what had caused some incredibly loud, mysterious, metallic-sounding noises across the school late the night before. Additionally, we soon discovered that Mr Mullings’s tools had disappeared! Whilst hunting for clues, the children came across a number of strange objects such as a pair of iron hands, a small satellite dish, an iron head as well as all of Mr Mullings’s tools! They then analysed all of the clues and compiled their own individual reports. In addition to the ‘hunt’, the children took part in a number of ‘circuit challenges’. They were given a list of equipment and they had to experiment with different ways of connecting electronic components to create a variety of working circuits. This helped to develop their Problem Solving skills, one of our school drivers. Next, the children then had a ‘show and tell’ session in class relating to the toys that they had brought in. Afterwards, they compared and sorted their toys according to whether or not they required electricity to function. After this, they then conducted their own research into electricity, identifying where it comes from, why it is dangerous and what might happen if we ran out of electricity. Finally, the children all gathered in Rowan Hall at the end of the day to discuss their learning, as well as to watch a short video relating to ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Overall, the children worked really hard and thoroughly enjoyed the day! The Year 4 Teachers would like to say a massive thank-you to the whole of the Year 4 Team for making the day successful and enjoyable for all! Pictures will follow very shortly!


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