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Summer Learning Objectives: Year 1 Summer Learning Objectives

                   Week Ending: Friday 21/07/17

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to say a very big thank you for your kind gifts and wish you all a very healthy, safe and happy summer holiday. We look forward to seeing you in September.

All the Year 1 Team

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Summer 2: Amazing Animals

Week beginning: Monday 26th June

Sports Week

The children had a great time, taking part in all the various sporting activities that were organised throughout the week. On Tuesday the children had their Sports Day at the field.  In their Olympic teams, the children participated in 5 different events: sprint, relay, vortex, hurdles and long jump. The children did very well, really trying their best to gain points for their teams.  Once all the events were completed, all the classes made a dash for some shelter from the rain, under the trees.


Thursday 22nd June

The children had an amazing time at Willows Farm. They thoroughly enjoyed all the shows, the Tractor Ride, the acres of outdoor and under cover activities plus entry to the Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground.

Monday 5th June  

The Chicks

For our Big Bang this learning journey, we had ten eggs delivered to the school.

The children were very excited when they arrived at school on Monday morning. to find 10 eggs had been delivered. Watching two of the chicks trying to peck their way out of their eggs and listening to their chick sounds, was a sheer delight for the children. These eggs definitely added the “awe and wonder factor” to our lessons.

All the children got some time to spend with the chicks. They’ve grown into cute, fluffy chicks and have developed feathers and patterning. We have now moved them into the brooding box to eat and drink. The children have been learning how to care for them.

Summer 1: Healthy Eating

Morrisons – Week beginning Tuesday 2nd May 2017

All the children had an amazing time at Morrisons, our local supermarket. They were shown round the various food counters and were taught why the different foods in these counters were important to their well-being.  Then the children were split into groups and given a shopping basket in which to put different types of fruit in. In the staff canteen, the children proceeded to make a fruit salad, which they were allowed to bring back to school to eat. The children shared their fruit salads with another year group.

Spring 2: Plants

28th,29th and 30th March 2017

Using the iPads, the children made their very own animations about the life cycle of a bean. They created movement from still images by moving the figures they made out of ‘softdough’, taking a picture…then another and another until very soon they had our own animations! They showed their animations to the Reception classes.

Capel Manor  –   14th,15th, and 16th March 2017

The children went on their trip to Capel Manor. They went round the 30 acres of richly planted themed gardens including a woodland walk, an Italianate Maze and “The Animal Stockyard” – where they saw the animals: meerkats, alpacas, owls, Shetland ponies and rabbits. With the help of a Capel Manor guide, they identified and named a variety of common plants, including garden plants, wild plants and trees (and those classified as deciduous and evergreen). They also recognized when plants should not be pulled up!

Light and Shadow Workshop – Wednesday 1st March 2017

As a way of providing the children with the best opportunity to find out about Light and Shadows, we arranged for the Science Museum’s Outreach Team to visit us. This interactive story-telling session took the children on an exciting journey of discovery about Light and Shadows.

The Big Bang

Tuesday 28th February

Something extraordinary happened! A magic beanstalk appeared right outside our classroom window! Needless to say the children were so excited. So back in class, we wrote about where it would take us, if we were to climb it. Most of the children decided that the beanstalk would take them to a land where no trees, no plants and no flowers grew. This then led us to think, what do plants need in order to grow? Over the next few weeks, in our science lessons, we will be carrying out some investigations which will help us to find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature in order to grow and stay healthy.


Monday 20th February

We  planted (with the help of the Gardening Committee) our very own broad beans.

Spring 1: The Great Fire of London.

Thursday 9th February

We finished off our Learning Journey on The Great Fire of London by going down to the bottom playground, lining up all the houses we made out of cardboard and then setting them alight so the children could see how easily a fire can spread and what it’s like when there is a break in the fire. As the houses were burning, we sang London’s Burning. Mr Mullins was there, with his fire extinguisher, just in case we needed him!

IMG_3541 IMG_3540

On Friday 3rd February, having studied the fairy tale: Cinderella, we had our very own ball!

History Off the Page came to our school on Thursday 2nd February and recreated ‘life’ during the Great Fire of London. They provided valuable learning opportunities for our Year 1 children through a combination of role play, practical activities (in the form of workshops) and hands on experiences with facsimile artefacts. It was an amazing experience! Thank you to all those parents who dressed their children for the day as it really did make a difference and also a very big thank you to all those parents who helped on that day.

On Wednesday 1st February, the Southgate Firefighters visited the Year 1 children. They allowed the children to sit in their fire-engine and spoke about the various tools they use in an emergency.

AUTUMN 2: The Weather.

Thursday 8th December 2016

‘The First Christmas’

We had a busy few weeks preparing for the show.  In total, the children performed the Concert three times: once to Reception and Year 2, and twice to their parents!

  • The musicians knew which instruments to play and when to play them
  • The carol singers sang beautifully
  • The narrators spoke in a loud, clear voice and they all remembered their lines
  • The dancers were fantastic despite some of the technical hiccups
  • The young actors and actresses came on the stage at the right time and also spoke using a loud, clear voice

It was a joy to watch and we are all very proud of them.


Tuesday 15th November 2016

The children went out to the growing garden to learn how to plant a bulb. They learnt what a bulb was, which season is best to plant them in and how to care for them. Next they were shown how to plant their own bulbs. The children filled a pot with soil, added water and then secured their bulbs in. They took them home and were told to keep the bulb in a cool, dry, dark place for 10 weeks, until the shoots start to appear.


Tuesday 11th November 2016

For their Big Bang, the children had an amazing time when Charles from Impeyan Animals visited us with an impressive selection of nocturnal animals. The children learnt so many interesting facts about how these animals feed, their special features and habitats too as well as having an opportunity, if they wanted to, to hold them. They were extremely brave!


18th,19th and 20th of October 2016

Our trip to Hamleys was a great success with the children. It was well worth a visit for the ‘magical’ experience. It was great to watch the staff demonstrating new toy arrivals, interacting and entertaining the children. The magic shows and the puppet show were a big hit. At the end of their tour, the children were delighted to come away with a balloon and a cuddly Hamleys teddy bear!

Tuesday 27th September 2016

The children had a fantastic time at the Museum of Childhood. They had a really good look at all the old and new toys in the glass cabinets and enthusiastically played with all the toys that were available for them to play with, around the museum. The rocking horses were a big hit! During the workshops we booked, the children had an introduction to chronology. They had to put certain toys on a timeline according to whether the toys were around during their grandparents, parents or their own lives.

Friday 23rd September 2016

The children  came into class in the morning only to discover that their teddies had been up to all sorts of mischief! They then went on to write about their teddy bear’s adventures, overnight in school.

116_2521 116_2524 116_2525 116_2529 116_2531 116_2533

On Thursday 22nd September the children devised some questions to ask Miss Ross about her toys when she was a child.

116_2472 116_2474 116_2475 116_2476

116_2477 116_2478

Big Bang!

On Monday 12 th of September we received a letter from Mrs Powrie, telling us that she’d lost her teddy bear, Henry. She also said that he was last seen in the wildlife garden! So off we went to look for him.  Luckily, after reading lots of clues along the way, we found Henry reading a book called: Where’s my Teddy? in the library.

116_2339 116_2346 116_2348 116_2351

Needless to say, Mrs Powrie was so pleased to see him. Back in class, the children wrote about their hunt for Henry and we read the story: Where’s my Teddy? too.

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