Welcome to the Wonderful World of Year 1


This half–term’s Learning Journey is: Toys.

                                                                Week Ending: Friday 15th September

In English: 

This week, we received a letter from Mrs Powrie, telling us that she’d lost her teddy bear, Henry. She also said that he was last seen in the wildlife garden! So off we went to look for him.  Luckily, after reading lots of clues along the way, we found Henry reading a book called: Where’s my Teddy? in the library. Needless to say, Mrs Powrie was so pleased to see him. Back in class, we read to the children the book: Where’s my Teddy? and sequenced the story. We also wrote the beginning of the story. In our Letters and Sounds lessons; we have been revising our phase 3 sounds. Next week, we will be using text maps to write about the middle and the end of the story and in our Letters and Sounds lessons; we will be continuing to revise our phase 3 sounds.

In Mathematics: 

This week, the children will be counting to and across 100, forwards and backwards beginning at 0 or 1, or from a given number.  Next week, the children will be counting to and across 100, forwards and backwards beginning at 0 or 1, or from a given number. 

Also this week: The children have began to understand the difference between past and present and have investigated the differences between old and new toys.

.Tree Assembly Achievement Winners:
1R: Noah

1O: Eddie
1M: Yasmin

    ******************* REMINDERS AND NOTICES******************

Reading : When you receive your child’s reading bag could you please make sure that you always write a comment by the book you have heard them read. This helps us to know if their reading book needs changing. Reading bags need to be brought to school EVERY DAY please.

Home Learning: Every Friday your child will bring home a Home Learning Book. Please return the completed homework by the following Tuesday. This gives us a chance to mark their work and to add the new homework.

Favourite Toy: Starting from Monday, could you please allow your child to bring to school one of their favourite toys, in a named carrier bag, so they can talk and write about it. We will be writing about their favourite toy the week beginning 25th September.

Upcoming Trip: We have organised a trip to the Museum of Childhood. This exciting trip will take place on Monday 2nd October for Class 1R, Thursday 5th October for Class 1M and Monday 9th October for Class 1O. If you are available to supervise a group on this trip, please note this on the reply slip. We will inform you nearer the time if we need you to join us. You do need a DBS and must have an inductoin with Mrs Gannon.



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