World Book Day 2017

It’s World Book day again! What a great day we all had today…

Children received a free £1 Book Token, which can be exchanged at all participating bookshops for one of ten specially published £1 books, written and illustrated by some of our most popular authors and illustrators. To find out more about World Book Day, please visit the website at

Additionally, to celebrate World Book Day the children exchanged their reading task words linked to our new vocabulary project called The Power of Words. This task allowed children to magpie and explore new vocabulary. The children showed a great understanding of their adventurous words by knowing the definition and shared their new words in the class. Children showed great passion and were all eager to share their words. Have a look at the variety of word classes explored by the children.

From Monday, the children have been participating in a ‘Build a Story’ activity to contribute their part of the story to The Mega OakThe Mega Maple or The Mega Rowan Story written together with their peers in all three Tree Houses. This will be then shared in our Tree assemblies on Friday afternoon and is now available on the website for you all to read. The theme this year was to incorporate a variety of story book characters all entwined into one story. The stories got very interesting I must say!

In the afternoon, the children had fun listening to stories told and read by class teachers who swapped classrooms.

Traditionally, the bell rang at unexpected times throughout the day to mark ‘Stop and Read Time’, signalling to everyone to stop what they are doing and pull out their  books for five minutes’.

Overall, the children had a blast exploring new vocabulary and reading their favourite story books.

As always, thank you for all your continued support.

Philippa Michael (Literacy Leader)


Power of Words Project


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Power of Words Project

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Afternoon Teacher Swap – Reading

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