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Enfield Council Road Safety Calendar Competition- 2016 IMG_1908

In October our school took part in the Road Safety Calendar Competition, run by the Road Safety Team from the borough of Enfield. Children from across all the schools in Enfield had to draw an illustration which had a “Drive Less, Live More” theme. Many designs were entered but only 12 could be selected as winners. We are delighted to announce that one of our school council reps, Katy Cenuka had her picture chosen for the month of ‘April’. Sally Symmons from the Road Safety Team came in to our school assembly especially to present Katy with a trophy and a bag full of road safety goodies. Well done Katy we are so proud.


School Council Members 2016-2017

See bellow for the class representatives for the academic year!

1R Grace
1O Ava
1M Alice
2R Anna
2O Kiran
2M Sami
3R Katy
3O Faye
3M Tom
4R Ishaan
4O Alize
4M Samia
4A Jamie
5R Morgan
5O Kristian
5M Yara
6R Hassan
6O Olivia
6M Sidney

School Council 2015-2016

Last year the School Council worked on a few issues across the school they had brought up during our fortnightly meetings.

They achieved and changed the following things:

  • More school dinner choices- They wanted have a more varied selection of lunch and through a meeting with Miss Ross, the School Council were able to add soup and sandwiches as a choice for the Summer term.
  • Summer term cookie sale- They raised just under £200 for the Years 3 & 4 quite area.
  • ‘Drop, Wave and Go’ -They continued with this which is going strong at the school.

The Campaign Continues – 2015

Following David Borrowes’ visit last summer, School Council took the initiative to trial a ‘Drop, Wave and Go’ system until half term. As you may have noticed this week (26/1/15), children volunteers from year 5 and 6, along with staff members greeted children at their cars and escorted them to their lines in the playground. They are identified as wearing orange high visibility jackets. To ensure children’s safety, please queue in an orderly fashion and don’t try to overtake cars in front of you. Also, please drop off your children on the correct side of the road and ensure that the children are exiting the car on the pavement side.  A kind reminder to please use the zebra crossing when crossing the street. Thank you for your support and hope to see you in the mornings dropping off your children.


Road Safety campaign 2013-2014

RSW 14 logo 2       road_safety_1
Hazelwood’s Road Safety Campaign is up and running! 17th July- David Burrowes Visit

You may have seen David Burrowes outside our school gates this morning. He was here to see first- hand why we are so worried about the safety of our children along Hazelwood Lane. He was shocked to witness some parents still pulling up on the wrong side of the road, pulling up on zig-zag lines, parking on double yellow lines and carrying out irresponsible manoeuvres. David Burrowes and Daniel Morris (our designated ward officer for Palmers Greenthen met with our School Council to talk about their concerns and discuss possible solutions.  One idea was to train our older pupils to become buddies in the morning, meeting children at a designated drop-off area and taking them to their lines.  This would mean parents would be able to safely drop their children off without leaving their cars and would prevent congestion on the road.   David Burrowes also gave us his continued support in our campaign to extend the zig-zag line.   [flagallery gid=63]

20th June The school council have invited David Burrowes to visit our school to discuss and look at our concerns regarding road safety. We’re looking forward to welcoming him to our school and hope he can support our campaign.

13th June Our school council have heard back from the Local Council who have not yet agreed to extend our zig-zag lines. The children have been invited to meet David Burrowes where they will be discussing this issue further in the hope that he can support the schools in making the roads around our school safer for our children and community. In the meantime, thank you to those parents who have started to ‘Park & Stride’ in the morning (parking in streets close by and walking the rest of the way). It has made a difference to safety and congestion.

Dear sch council 29th may

letter re bob griffin

hand written note DB 9th May In order to help the campaign further, Miss McGovern contacted our designated ward officer for Palmers Green, Police Officer Daniel Morris.  He came to school on Friday 9th May and through observations of Hazelwood Lane before school and consultation with Miss McGovern and Miss Graham, has identified some key concerns to address.

  • Parents performing U turns at the junction of Hazelwood Lane and Kingley Road
  • Pulling onto the wrong side of the road to drop children off
  • Children exiting from the road side of vehicles
  • Children closing doors on moving vehicles
  • Children crossing road to short cut
  • Children not wearing seat belts
  • Children dropped off in white zigzag lines from waiting cars at the zebra crossing

He has given us some fantastic suggestions and we look forward to working with him to improve the situation.

102_0567 102_0569

On the 4th April, the School Council also sent a letter to David Burrowes asking for his help in this matter.  We have received a reply which can be seen below.  It is fantastic to have him on board and hopefully we will be seeing some of these changes soon.

102_0570 102_0571

Back in December our school council representatives went out on Hazelwood Lane to carrying out a traffic survey.

traffic survey 1 (4) traffic survey 1 (2)

After observing cars before and after school, Hazelwood’s School Council wrote a letter to parents and carers, reminding them of the importance of road safety to keep all of Hazelwood’s community safe.