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Welcome to the Nursery webpage our topic this half term is Tell us a story. 

Week Ending: Friday 12th January 

This week, we learned about the Gruffalo. We used the Gruffalo characters to tell the story and took part in activities related to the Gruffalo story. We pegged prickles onto the Gruffalo’s back, made finger paint Gruffalo’s and made Gruffalo faces that we put in our forest role play area. On Friday we cooked Gruffalo crumble by cutting up apples and pears then rubbing butter and flour together to the make crumble.

We have also been counting different objects this week. When we count we put the objects in a straight line and make sure we touch each one with our counting finger and say a number.

Next week,
we will be talking about the story ‘Owl Babies’. We will be talking about night-time and different animals that are nocturnal. We will also be drawing owls and talking about what shape they are. In the sensory tray we will be making homes for the owls using shredded paper and feathers.

At home, you could share the story of ‘Owl Babies’ and encourage your child to join in with familiar phrases in the story.

Go outside at night-time. Does it look different to the daytime? Does it sound different? Talk about the moon and the stars. Talk about animals that you might see at night-time – owls, foxes, badgers, bats etc.

Practise counting different things around the house. How many cups on the table at dinner time? How many steps to go up to bed? How many shoes in the cupboard?


*************************   REMINDERS & NOTICES   ************************


 Please encourage your child to leave toys at home. The children become very upset if their toys are lost or broken.

Please make sure that your child is wearing waterproof shoes, a named warm coat, hat and gloves to school. We play outside in all weathers. 

BUTTERCUP AND DAISY CLASS: When bringing your child into class in the morning we will now be encouraging the children to choose a book to look at instead of choosing an activity. This is so that the children will settle quicker in the morning. Please avoid walking across the carpet when the children are sitting on it.

GATES: When leaving the Nursery please make sure that you close all of the gates behind you. Thank you.

ATTENDANCE: It is important that your child attends school everyday.
GUM: We have had a number of children come to school eating chewing gum this week. Please remove this before your child comes into school as it is a choking hazard and not appropriate for nursery.
UNIFORM: Please remember to name all of your child’s uniform and bring a bag with spare clothes.
SNACKS: Please do not put any snacks in this bag as the children have fruit provided at snack time.
NUTS: Please make sure that your child does not bring nuts to school. This is very important as we have children in our classes that are allergic to nuts.




Autumn 1 : All About Me 

We explored the Nursery and learnt the new routines.

We made lots of new friends.


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