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Welcome to the Nursery webpage our topic this half term is Growing.

This week, We talked about the hungry caterpillar story. We looked at pictures of adult and baby animals and talked about what they looked like. We made symmetrical butterfly paintings and planted seeds to look after over the school holiday.

On Thursday we made Easter egg pictures, chocolate nest cakes and went on an egg hunt.

Next half term we will be learning about Patterns. We will be talking about colour and the different patterns on animals.

At home, you could talk about the different patterns on your clothes. What shapes can you see? What colours can you see?

Find different animals that have patterns e.g. zebras, giraffes, chameleons. Where do they live? Why do they have patterns on their fur/skin?

Look for numbers in your local environment and count everything e.g. steps, spoons at dinner time, teddies etc.

Enjoy your holiday!

*************************   REMINDERS & NOTICES   ************************

Please bring your plants back to nursery on the 16th April.

Tapestry is now up and running. If you have not set up your account please check your email to find the tapestry link, the email will be from Tapestry not Hazelwood Schools. If you have set up your account please check Tapestry to see all of the activities your child has been doing at Nursery.
Please encourage your child to leave toys at home. The children become very upset if their toys are lost or broken.
If your child has an accident at Nursery and needs to borrow clothes please bring them back when they have been washed. We are running very low on spare clothes, especially underwear and socks.

GATES: When leaving the Nursery please make sure that you close all of the gates behind you. Thank you.

ATTENDANCE: It is important that your child attends school everyday.
GUM: We have had a number of children come to school eating chewing gum this week. Please remove this before your child comes into school as it is a choking hazard and not appropriate for nursery.
UNIFORM: Please remember to name all of your child’s uniform and bring a bag with spare clothes.
SNACKS: Please do not put any snacks in this bag as the children have fruit provided at snack time.
NUTS: Please make sure that your child does not bring nuts to school. This is very important as we have children in our classes that are allergic to nuts.



Spring 1: Tell us a story

We shared different stories – The Gruffalo, Owl Babies, We’re going on a Bear Hunt,  The three pigs.

We had a visitor to tell us about road safety.

We really enjoyed cooking Gruffalo crumble!

Autumn 2: Celebrations

We learnt about different celebrations – birthdays, Diwali, Christmas and talked about different seasons – Autumn and Winter.

We had a special visitor from the Dogs trust.

Autumn 1 : All About Me 

We explored the Nursery and learnt the new routines.

We made lots of new friends.


List of useful revision websites: