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     Week Ending: Friday 27th March

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

Thank you for all the posts on Tapestry we have loved seeing all your great photographs and clips. Keep them coming!

Purple Mash update: On Mini mash we have added Pins into the corner of the screen for your child to open and work from.

Week 2 of Home Learning
Animal project

Choose an animal and create a project about it.

This could be a poster, a song, a poem or you could film yourself talking about your animal.

You need to include facts about your animal.

You could also draw or paint pictures, make models or make a puppet of your animal and write a story about your adventures with the animal.

Have fun and be as creative as you like.

We will show them when we return to school

Post or upload onto Tapestry by 15th May

Children write phonetically at this stage therefore their spellings may not be accurate but that is fine at the moment. Encourage your child to sound out words before they write them and then write them using the sounds that they can hear. Ask them to read back to you what they have written.
Tricky words are the words that we have taught the children to spell correctly. Practise these regularly.

Recap Phase 2 sounds and Tricky words

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f l ff ll ss

Tricky words: I no go to the into

Recap Phase 3 sounds and Tricky words

j v w x y z zz sh ch th qu ng ai ee igh oa oo or ar

Tricky words: he she we me be you was my they are all her

Read and write CVC words e.g. hen, bag, jam

Read and write short sentences such as: The cat went to the park.

Read lots of stories together. The children like to find Tricky words in the text or discuss the characters and settings.


Have fun with Maths and keep it as practical as possible. Here are some ideas about which concepts to cover:

  • Estimating and counting: How many plates do we need for lunch? Ask children to estimate how many socks are in their drawer and then count them to check.
  • Number order: Mix up the number cards (0-20) then ask them to place the cards in the right order. Ask what is one more than..? What is one less than…?
  • Addition: Place toys into two groups. Count each group. How many do we have altogether?
  • Subtraction: Count a group of objects the hide one away. How many are left?
  • Doubling/Halving/Sharing games
  • 2D/3D Shape: Go on a shape hunt around the home
  • Pattern: Look for patterns in nature. Create repeated using objects or painting/drawing them
  • Money: Count how many 1p’s in your money box

Here are some more links for you to try:

Hungry Little Minds – Activities for 0-5 Year Olds
Mr Throne Does Phonics – Letters and Sounds
CBeebies Little Learners Numeracy
CBeebies Little Learners Literacy
CBeebies Little Learners Art
Apps for Home iPads – Via the App Store
ABC Pocket Phonics
Numberjacks addition up to 10
Story Creator
Bee – Bot
Hairy Letters
Ladybird: I’m Ready for Phonics with Captain Comet
Children enjoy a structure to their day. Here is a suggested timetable for  you to follow:
Recap sounds and tricky words covered in class (see list)
Practise letter formation.
Writing simple sentences with a picture.
Using tricky words in a sentence.
11-11.30am                                                                                                                                                                                      Maths
Number recognition and formation.
Daily counting.
Adding and subtracting
Recognise shapes around the home.
Model making.
Measuring and comparing objects.
1-1.30am                                                                                                                                                                                       Explore Mini Mash (Purple Mash) you should have all received usernames and passwords to access these websites. The Role Play, Music and art areas have some fun activities.
2.45-3.15pm                                                                                                                                                                                                Reading a story or the child reading to you.
Singing nursery rhymes.
Playing games, such as pairs, snap, noughts and crosses, dominoes, snakes and ladders and any other counting games,


Home Learning
We have provided you with a timetable in order for your child to continue with their daily routine, please ensure that your child is still going to bed and getting up early. Along with the times we have listed there are suggestions that will help support your child in consolidating their learning. When exploring Mini Mash there are a variety of areas you can look at with their child, these vary from phonic games to music activities. We have also provided a list of Phase 2 and 3 sounds and tricky words we have covered in class, please continue to recap these with your child.  

Reading activities
Please continue to regularly read at home. Remember, reading to your child is just as important as listening them read to you.
– Oxford owl – offers a free Ebook library for parents and children to use.
– PhonicsPlay - This site is allowing totally free access for phonic games and resources for parents to use. Children need to recap all phase 3 and 5 sounds and alternative pronunciations.
– Twinkl – This is an excellent resource that teachers across the country use. They are offering a free one month trial for all parents and have fantastic packs to support children in all areas of their learning.
Topmarks has age related Literacy and Maths games.
ICTgames is also a good website to explore. The children particularly like the Blending Bingo game
ABCya has a range of Maths games
KidTV123 on YouTube has a song for everything!
Keep active
Joe Wicks has an online morning exercise class for all ages. Perhaps the whole family can keep fit together.
Cosmic Yoga is a fun website which offers Yoga along with a story. You can find this on YouTube.
Below are links for activities that you can try and complete each day at home.
• Joe Wicks School and Active Home Workouts – lots of different ones to try out!
• Kids Workout
• Kids BOPZ Dance Along
• Family Fun Workout
Yoga Activities (KS1 and Foundation Stage)
Lazy town Sportacus has some fun exercises too!
This week we continued to work on Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds.
This week the sound of the week were: ar or
Phase 3 sounds learnt so far: j v w x y z zz qu th ch sh ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or
Phase 3 tricky words of the week: he she we me be my was you they all are her
Phase 2 sounds learnt so far: s a t p I n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f, ff, l, ll, ss
Phase 2 Tricky words learnt so far: I, the, to, no, go

The whole school value this half term is Ambition.

We are focusing on encouraging the children to aim high in all areas of the curriculum.
Fit-bags – The children will be taking it in turns to take home a ‘fit bag’. The bag contains equipment for the children to play with along with a folder with ideas and games. The equipment MUST all be returned in the bag before you bring it back to school.
The bag will be given out on Thursday. It must be back in school the following Monday.
Mini Mile
Every day the Reception children and staff join together to have a ‘run around the block’, which entails a run around the Oak and Maple buildings in the school grounds. The aim is to keep us fit and active and to promote healthy living.

P.E. Kits

The children will need to have a P.E. kit at school. The kit consists of: a plain white T. shirt, blue or black shorts, plimsols or velcro trainers and a drawstring P.E. bag. Please bring them into school as soon as possible. All items must be named.

************************ REMINDERS & NOTICES  *********************

Please make sure that your child has an early night as the school day can be very tiring. They should be in bed by 7pm to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Home Learning: In your child’s red book bag there is a folder containing your child’s weekly homework. Please support your child when they are completing their homework.

Your child will be bringing home a book from our class library. Please read the book to your child. Also ask your child questions about the story such as: Which part of the story did you like best? Who was your favourite character? What do you think will happen next? Please write a comment in the yellow reading record to say that you have read the book. Thank you

Your child can bring in a water bottle which they can leave at school and we will refill each day. Please put their name on the bottle.

Please make sure that all school uniform is labelled with your child’s name.

Boxes and cartons for modelling

If you have any boxes, cartons, tubes, fabric etc. that are suitable for model making please can you put them in the special bins outside our classrooms. The children have the opportunity to make models every week so we would really appreciate any recyclable materials. Thank you

If you will be available to support us at any point this year, please see the office to complete a DBS check as it is not possible for you to accompany us without one. You will also need to do an induction with Mrs Gannon. Thank you again for your amazing support.

Coats and bags

Please make sure that your child has a coat at school everyday as we  go outside in all weathers. The only bag that your child needs to bring into school at the moment is the red book bag, which can be purchased from the school office. Please do not bring in any large back packs as we do not have the space to store them. Also the children should not be bringing in any toys from home.




List of useful revision websites:

Topmarks for Literacy and Maths activities.

Letters and