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 This half term’s learning journey is:

Moving On!


Week Ending: 28.06.19

This week: The children have been working on our AMAZING school production, practising their teamwork skills, developing a collaborative approach and working hard to begin putting everything together! We are ALL very excited to show it to you!

This week in Spanish: The children began to teach a Spanish lesson to Years 1 and 2!


A plea from Mr Roberts:

Hello Parents!

If you have any large-ish pieces of cardboard lying around, or know of anyone who does, could you please send it our way? We need lots of cardboard to help make props for the Year 6 show and so far, we haven’t got much! We’ve also asked the children but if you could please support them with their endeavours, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!


Activity Week:

The children who didn’t go to PGL took part in a number of different activities throughout the week. Please feel free to look through the gallery of images!

PGL Day 1:

All safely arrived at Osmington Bay! The children have generally been well behaved and understandably very excited. They’ve all taken part in an evening activity and will soon be ready for bed. Apologies for any delays: the Internet is shocking!

PGL Day 2:

The children are thoroughly knackered out after a tough day of activities. We’ve experienced abseiling, rifle shooting, archery, kayaking and much, much more!

PGL Day 3:

We’ve had another great day of activities here at PGL! The weather has been absolutely beautiful, perfect for raft building, giant swinging and trapeezing.

PGL Day 4:

A great final day here at PGL! It’s been a long week but today, we were proud of the children, who conquered their fears by trying new things and by representing the school brilliantly. In terms of tomorrow, we are aiming to be back at school for 6pm. However, this is very much dependent on traffic. The teachers will keep the school informed, and the school will update you via text message if there are any delays.


Dates for your diary!

PGL/Activity Week: 24th September 2018 – 28th September 2018

Fundraising Day/Wear Pink Day: 27th September 2018

Individual Photo Day: Friday 12th October 2018

Parents’ Evening: Tuesday 16th October 2018 & Thursday 18th October 2018

Year 6 Celebration: Thursday 18th October

6M and 6A trip to the Natural History Museum: Wednesday 31st October 2018

6R and 6O trip to the Natural History Museum: Friday 2nd November 2018

Year 6 Remembrance Service @ Broomfield Park: Wednesday 7th November 2018

Children in Need: Friday 14th November 2018

6R and 6O trip to HMS Belfast: Thursday 10th January 2019

6M and 6A trip to HMS Belfast: Friday 11th January 2019

6M and 6A trip to Imperial War Museum: Wednesday 27th February 2019

6R and 6O trip to Imperial War Museum: Friday 1st March 2019

World Book Day: Thursday 7th March 2019

Class Photo Day: Wednesday 13th March 2019

Parents’ Evening: Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th March 2019

VE Day (Year 6 Celebration): Friday 29th March 2019

SATs Meeting for Parents: Wednesday 3rd April 2019, 7:00pm in Rowan Hall

SATs Week: Monday 13th May 2019 – Thursday 16th May 2019

Broomfield Park trip: Friday 17th May 2019

Year 6 West End Workshop (6M and 6R): Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Year 6 West End Workshop (6O and 6A): Friday 24th May 2019

Year 6 Production Dress Rehearsal (for parents unable to attend any of the evening performances – please note that there will be VERY limited seating)Thursday 11th July 2019 @ 1:30pm (please be prompt!)  in Rowan Hall

Year 5 & 6 Sports Day: Monday 15th July @ (approximately) 1:15pm at Hazelwood and St Anne’s Playing Field

Year 6 Production to parents: Tuesday 16th July 2019 and Thursday 18th July 2019 @ 7:00pm in Rowan Hall. We ask that all children be in school at 6:00pm ON THE DOT to get changed and help set up.

Year 6 Disco: Friday 19th July 2019 @ 7:00pm in Rowan Hall

Year 6 BBQ: Monday 22nd July 2019

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly: Tuesday 23rd July @ 1:15pm in Rowan Hall


Achievement Assembly Winners!

6O: Lola
6M: Pearl

Calling all parents…Share your talents & passions!
Our upcoming learning journeys for the year are as follows:

Autumn 1: Travelling Through the 20th Century
Autumn 2: Our World In Danger
Spring 1: World War II
Spring 2: World War II
Summer 1: Ready, Steady, Go!
Summer 2: Moving On

If you have any particular interest, knowledge or speciality in any of these areas/topics, we would love to hear from you! Some parents have expressed an interest in delivering informal workshops or talks to the children, linking to our current learning journey. Please talk to your child’s teacher or Year Leader (Ben Roberts) if this is something you are interested in. We appreciate what a great asset our parents are at Hazelwood in supporting our children with their learning. A big thank you in advance to any volunteers!

PE Kits:

Please ensure that your child has his/her PE kit in school as our children partake in 2 PE lessons a week (see below for days). Please ensure that your child has a suitable PE kit for their outside lesson.

6R: Tuesday and Thursday
6O: Tuesday and Thursday
6M: Tuesday and Wednesday
6A: Tuesday and Wednesday

Year 6 Reading Meeting for Parents

Year 6 Book Spine for Parents

Year 6 Key Questions




SPRING 2:  World War Two!

Big Bang – Imperial War Museum

On Wednesday and Friday of the first week back after half-term, the children were taken on a visit to the Imperial War Museum. Despite 6M and 6A being delayed by a fire-alarm at the museum, once inside, all of the children had a great time, taking in lots of information from the museum’s collection of World War Two artefacts such as a Spitefire, a V1 rocket, a Russian T-34 tank and various World War Two medals. With some time left over, the children also explored the museum’s World War One exhibit in order to see how the events at the end of that war led to the beginning of the Second World War. They were also treated to a brief talk from one of the museum’s volunteers about Lancaster bombers. Overall, the children gained a lot from the experience and were generally well-behaved over the two days. Well done again, Year 6!


SPRING 1:  World War Two!

Celebration – Carrie’s War

To mark the mid-way point of our WW2 Learning Journey, the children were treated to an afternoon screening of Carrie’s War. 14-year-old Carrie Willow and her younger brother, Nick, are evacuated from London to a small Welsh town during World War II. Fleeing the German bombing, they are taken in by the strict Mr Evans and his sister, Auntie Lou. The film is based on the best-selling book by Nina Bawden.


SPRING 1:  World War Two!

Big Bang – HMS Belfast

To mark the start of our new Learning Journey, the children went on a visit to HMS Belfast in London. They we were given an opportunity to explore the whole ship, taking in a lot of knowledge of World War Two and the role the ship played. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gained a lot from the experience. We hope that you enjoy looking through a selection of photos taken from the day. On a side note, several members of the public mentioned to members of staff that the children were extraordinarily polite and courteous when on public transport – great job, Year 6!



AUTUMN 2:  Our World in Danger!

Celebration – Christmas Bazaar

To mark the end of our Learning Journey, Year 6 designed, made and sold their own Christmas products at the Christmas Bazaar on Sunday 2nd December. The products ranged from book-folded Christmas trees (sorry Miss Michael) to Hazelwood keychains! Overall, the whole day was a great success, with Year 6 raising approximately £700. The class that raised the most money was….6O! Well done to all those involved, especially the staff (teachers and TAs) who kindly gave up their time on Sunday to help set up stalls and sell products!


AUTUMN 2:  Our World in Danger!

Big Bang – Natural History Museum

To mark the start of our new Learning Journey, Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum, with a key focus on the evolution exhibits! We travelled by train to the museum, where the children explored the many FANTASTIC exhibits and were tasked with hunting for specific information relating to our Learning Journey. The children were shocked to see how humans had changed over millions of years, and overall, they really enjoyed the experience. We’d like to say that the behaviour displayed throughout the trip, both on public transport and inside the museum, was exemplary. They were great ambassadors for Hazelwood School.



AUTUMN 1:  Travelling Through the 20th Century

Celebration – Presentations and Dance off!

On the last day of term, to mark the end of their first Learning Journey, Year 6 presented their decade presentations in class and took part in a Dance off ‘through the decades’! In the weeks leading up to the end of the half-term, the children had been preparing their group presentations. They carried out lots of research, gathered and brought in lots of props and some of the children made some brilliant food! The presentations themselves were great – the quality was AMAZING! The children also came in dressed as the decade from their presentation. At the end of the day, the children showed off their dance moves – some were ‘interesting’ to say the least. A big well done to the children for all of their hard work! Here are a few photos from the day:


AUTUMN 1:  Travelling Through the 20th Century

Big Bang – Fashion Show through the decades!

On Thursday, the Year 6 children were treated to a Hazelwood Fashion Show! As our Learning Journey focuses heavily on British history, the teachers and TAs each donned the clothing of a particular decade! Mrs Connor represented the 1920s, Mr Roberts represented the 1930s, Ms Vesey represented the 1940s, Mrs Watson represented the 1960s, Mr Esendagli represented the 1970s, Mrs Alpay represented the 1980s and Mrs Marks represented the 1990s. Thank you to all those involved!


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