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 This half term’s learning journey is:  Learning from home!

Week Ending: Friday 10th July 2020


The Final Week!

Well here we are, the last week of Year 6! We cannot believe that we will be saying goodbye to you this week! We are so proud of everything you have all achieved throughout your time at Hazelwood and of the resilience you have shown at the end of this academic year. We hope you are all very happy with your reports and that you feel they are a good reflection of your time in Year 6! That brings me on to our plans for next week:

  1. Class teachers and support staff will be making their final phone calls next week to say goodbye to all of the parents and children in our classes. Please make sure you look out for the final ‘unknown number’ calling as we would hate to be unable to say goodbye to anyone!
  2. Leavers’ Assemblies will take place on Wednesday 15th July and will be on Zoom this year. Hopefully you have all received the letter (sent via email on Monday 6th July) about your assembly and the text with your class password. The links can be found below if you do not have them but please let you class teacher know if you have not received the letter about leavers’ assemblies (please double check your email inboxes first.)

6R – 9.30am
Meeting ID: 992 5097 2907

6O – 11.30am
Meeting ID: 931 2491 8853

6M – 2pm
Meeting ID: 923 6524 7842

Please ensure you join the meeting with a parent 10 minutes before we are due to start with a muted microphone, your school uniform or leavers’ t-shirt and an appropriate background (please do not join this meeting from a bedroom.) If you have any questions please discuss these with your class teacher via our Purple Mash emails or during our phone call with you next week (don’t wait for the phone call though as we will be making them throughout the week!)

On Friday 10 July at 10am, the Prime Minister will be giving an address to all school leavers which will be broadcast on YouTube.

  1. You will have received an email this week from your class teacher with answers to your secondary school questions. Please see below for additional links to these videos:

6O –

6M –

6R –

Next Week’s Work

At Home Learning – to be completed by all students


My Maths – arithmetic and reasoning – a final chance to challenge yourself and see how much you can remember from all of the topics we have covered this year!


Purple Mash Just the Beginning comprehension – have a go at answering the questions about chapters 1-6.

Compare and Contrast – write about the similarities and differences between the characters in Just the Beginning—make sure you use evidence from the text to support what you are saying!


Guard the Castle – use your coding skills to help the guard to keep the castle safe!


At School Learning – to be completed by those students who are not returning to school.

  1. Using any creative means you wish (collage, a time capsule, a poem, a PowerPoint presentation, drawing or anything else you can think of!) create a representation of your time in Year 6. We would love to see these so please email pictures to your teachers on Purple Mash.


  1. Please continue to send us any questions you have about moving on to secondary school! Please also use this time to complete the transitioning booklet which was sent to you on Purple Mash last week.



Amazing Work Celebration

Well done to Jordan in 6R for this amazing den project! I am amazed by your hard work, ambition, creativity and determination! Click on the link below to see it from beginning to end. Well done Jordan!

The Great Den Build



Week 11 Tasks 

Please see 2email for home learning tasks


Week 10 Half Term & Optional Tasks 

Please see 2email for home learning tasks

Learning to celebrate this week!

We are SO impressed with so much of the work you are producing and there is so much great work going on that I have had to start uploading it as I go along…

Alfonso has made a ‘Battlefield’ video:

Kaylee has written a beautiful poem:

Imagine floating on sapphire seas,

Not a cloud to be seen carried by the ocean breeze,

The shimmering layers of soft white sand,

Utterly blanketing the wide and vast land,

The sun shone greatly as it sat on its thrown,

Causing heat to course through every bone,

The soft calm silence settled in the air,

Would please all in a dark nightmare.

Tom L has been busy baking and creating his WW2 project: 

Tom Cookies 1       Tom Trenches 1        Tom Trenches 2     Tom Trenches 3

Rayan has created an excellent 3d model of a Robin:


Week 9 Tasks 

As the ‘SATs week that never happened’ draws to a close, we should be off to the park together, finalising a script for our end of year production and be looking forward to the ‘post SATs fun’ that we have always promised you. We know that you are sad that you are not experiencing these things but we say a huge well done to you for being resilient and understanding that this is beyond our control. We promise to try our very best to make memories, albeit different ones, that both abide by the restrictions set by ‘the new normal’ but also help you celebrate your wonderful time at Hazelwood!

Firstly, we would like to get going with the planning of the YEAR 6 YEARBOOK! We would like all of Year 6 to be able to contribute this so we therefore ask children to help us spread the word, particularly children who may not always check this webpage. Please see below for our instructions about how we would like to receive your entries – we have made this task your writing task for this week so take time to draft, edit and revise! Remember, you will treasure this year book forever – I still have mine! As much as right now things are not exactly as we would hope, we encourage you to keep your entries positive and a reminder of all the good times you have experienced throughout your time at Hazelwood!

We also know this week has been a strange one with the announcement of possible return of schools on Monday 1st June 2020 for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. There have been lots of questions during our daily phone calls with parents asking for more information about the return of schools. The Year 6 team would encourage parents/carers to keep an eye on school communications– Mrs Kilkenny sent out an email this week, please make sure you read this carefully. Children, however you are feeling about the return to school, it is SO important to continue to talk, share your worries and where possible, keep hope. We can’t wait to see you all, as soon as it is safe for us to do so!

Finally, we would just like to remind you that… YOU’RE ALL AMAZING! You are all such inspirational young people who have worked incredibly hard this year and made us so very proud. We thank you for continuing to make us smile and always doing your best, even when learning remotely.

Keep smiling Year 6 and know that we all miss you very much!

The Year 6 Team


My Maths

Comparing fractions 2
Mixed assessment 1
Number and place value
Scaling and rate problems

BBC Bitesize day BBC Bitesize upload a Year 6 (prepare for year 7) lesson to their website. We would encourage children to have a go at this lesson at least twice each week.

Purple Mash

Where Eagles Fly: Chapters 1- 7 and the relevant quizzes.

My Favourite Place: Describe a place you know as well as the back of your hand.

Unsettled Weather Poem: Write a poem about unsettled weather.

Prime Numbers: Identifying numbers which are primes.

Comparing Mixed Numbers: Selecting which mixed number inequality (Greater/Less Than) statement is correct.

Monster Multiplication: Learn your times tables with the 2simple Times Tables.

Human Teeth revision: Label the types of teeth and the anatomy of a tooth. Then answer the questions on Human Teeth.

2Quiz: Make your own quizzes and see if other people can solve them. Use different kinds of question, including labelling, multiple-choice, text-entry, grouping and sequencing.

DIY Game Magazine: Design the front cover of a magazine about games- you could base it on some of the great games you have designed recently on purple mash!

Spelling – Quiz: Using a hyphen to join prefixes.

Spelling – Quiz: Statutory words mixed.

Circus tricks: Use the colon to introduce a list and use commas or colons within lists.

Difference: Design a certificate to give to someone who has made a difference in your life.


TASK: To write a yearbook entry

As explained briefly above, your job this week is to write an entry (max 120 words) to go in our yearbook. This needs to be written to the best of your ability and should be a positive reflection of your time at Hazelwood. It would be boring if your entries were all very similar so please be creative and take time to very carefully consider punctuation and sentence structure! It can be informal but remember your writing is being published so should be appropriate and if you are mentioning the names of other children, please refer only to their first name and BE KIND. I would discourage you from using long lists of names or friends – their names will all be in the yearbook anyway! J

The following points are ideas of what you could include:

  • Introduce yourself …
  • What has been your favourite part of Year 6?
  • What will you remember most about your time at Hazelwood?
  • Is there a funny moment that you won’t ever forget?
  • What are your hopes for the future?
  • What are you looking forward to about secondary school?
  • How will you end your message in a memorable way?

We have gathered some past yearbook messages to give you some ideas of what you could write. Remember to keep yours personal and creative… no copy and paste please!

Yearbook examples 

Once you have written your yearbook entry, you must email it via 2email on Purple mash to your class teacher. Please send us your entry by Friday 22nd May 2020 and when you are chatting to your friends, please mention it to them and encourage them to write one too! We want to make sure everyone features in our very special Year 6 yearbook!


There are some of you crazy children have said you would like some more SPAG resources – here they are! These are some fun, snappy SPAG activity mats that will help keep your grammar up to scratch! The answers are in this pack too so you can mark them and let your teacher know how you got on! It will not let me download this file and upload it onto the website but you can access for free from the following link…


TASK: To create a piece of art inspired by the natural world

Hazelwood are creating our own ‘Our World Art Gallery’ to celebrate the world’s natural environment and being Eco-friendly. Please see previous email from Miss McBride with more information. Be creative!

Our World Art Gallery 2020

Final entries must be sent to your class teacher by Friday 22nd May 2020.



Task: Beat the flood STEM challenge! Design a home for your community on a low lying Island able to withstand the effects of flooding, and make a model of your design so you can test it.

We have been exploring some of the fun STEM activities, we know you love developing your problem solving skills and have attached a fun STEM challenge for you to have a go at!

Make sure that you think carefully about what the challenge is asking you to do and send us over anything you manage to create! Have fun & good luck!

Click to download ideas and questions to consider…

Beat the flood stem challenge


PSHE/Values based task

Did you know… that our community at Hazelwood includes:

  • 47 different languages,
  • 9 different religions and
  • 55 different ethnic backgrounds?

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is annually held on May 21st to help people learn about the importance of cultural diversity and harmony. It provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to “live together” better. Have a look at the following PowerPoint which explains more about why we celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity..

World Day of Cultural Diversity

This year, we would like to take the opportunity to encourage children to celebrate our cultural diversity at Hazelwood. Some ideas of activities you could do to celebrate are:

  • Listen to music from a different culture and create your own dance
  • Learning and playing a sport from a different culture, you could write a set of instructions or a poster to explain to others how to play it
  • Cook a traditional meal from either your own or a different culture, take a photo and upload onto purple mash
  • Make a booklet about your culture or another culture that you would like to learn more about. You could do this on paper or using a template on purple mash
  • Watch an international movie


E-safety is a very important part of educating children to be ready for life in the 21st century but even more so at the moment, as we are working, more than ever, from laptops and online devices. Thinkuknow is a very valuable website that has great resources to support E-safety. This page (link below) has been created to support parents during Covid-19 and the closure of schools. Each fortnight, this website releases new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at home. This page includes all packs for children aged 8-10:

We would recommend that you take time this week to have a look at these resources with your children and choose 1 or 2 of the activities to have a go at. Please send us anything that you have achieved using these resources via Purple Mash.


Home Learning to celebrate this week…

Well done to all the children who have sent us their work from home this week, we have added a small selection below to keep you all inspired by each other…

Ella’s project Rosa Waugh Hobhouse

Boah VE day diary entry

Kaylee – VE day diary entry

Jessica’s WW2 VE day project

Pierce’s WW2 VE day Project

Still life sketch – Thomas

Thomas Razak’s VE medal design

Marigold Jennings World War 2 Work

Ella’s 2cook challenge: COOKIES!!

Week 8 Tasks

Week 8 is here and we are so proud of you all for your continued resilience despite these difficult circumstances. When we talk about the importance of school values and how we hope you use them in your everyday life, it is in really tough times like these that we see the power of values such as kindness and resilience. I hope you continue to dig deep over the next week, the week that should have been your SATs week, and we all trust that when the time is right, we will be back doing the things we love again.

If anyone had told us in September that SATs would be cancelled this year, I don’t think we would have believed them! You will always be able to say, “I was in Year 6 the year that SATs got cancelled.” I know everyone initially thought that it was great they wouldn’t have to sit their SATs but as next week approaches, it is perfectly normal to feel sad that you won’t have the opportunity to show off everything you have worked so hard to learn this year. It is so important to remember that your learning is not lost and the skills you have learnt this year will provide an excellent basis for your secondary learning next year. The Year 6 team are working very hard to ensure that we share all the success you have achieved this year with your new secondary school and we will make sure we let them know everything they need to. We would encourage you to share your thoughts about missing SATs with your family and talk about anything that makes you feel unsettled or worried. It is a very strange time and however you feel about next week, it is ok. To help cheer you up, and to celebrate what would have been SATs week, we have found some fantastic ‘silly SATs’ papers, we cannot take credit for making these but we thought you might like them!! These are not real 2020 SATs papers but having a look through them, they might make you laugh! They are all slightly different and can be printed off at home. The arithmetic paper can be done as a treasure hunt, the grammar paper I have completed and would like you to mark for me and the reading paper… well we will let you see what you think of that! Send your class teacher an email and let us know what you think!

Silly-SATs Arithmetic       Silly-SATs Grammar      Silly-SATs Reading     Silly-SATs Reasoning

In addition to these resources, to help you manage the emotion this week, Curious Maths, which is run by Sara Tilley, has provided this great resource for Year 6 children to support you through  ‘The SATs week that didn’t happen’. It isn’t a maths related activity booklet but it does give you some fun and positive activities to have a go at which will hopefully help you to remember all the fun you have had this year and help you celebrate your achievements! Thank you Sara for creating such a great resource and thank you to Ella for finding it! You can find out more about Curious maths at: and click the link below to download the PDF…

The SATs week that didn’t happen… Curious Maths 2020

Finally, we would just like to say that we have loved having our telephone calls with you all and are very grateful to your parents and carers for making time to speak with us. We miss you all very much, just hearing your voices and knowing that you are all well, makes us feel much better. We will begin calling everyone again from Monday 11th May 2020 as we will begin week 1 of our 2 week phone call cycle again. This does not mean you will necessarily be phoned on the same day again but everyone will have received a second call by Friday 22nd May 2020.

As always, we have set you some new challenges for next week and trust that you will all have a go at as much as you can. If you have any difficulties you know you can contact us via 2email on Purple Mash and if necessary we can call you to provide extra help over the phone.

We wish you all a very happy weekend and bank holiday tomorrow. We hope you find a creative way to mark the 75th anniversary of VE day tomorrow – please send us any pictures of things you get up to or ways you choose to mark this special day! You certainly are living through some big historic events!

We have so much to be grateful for and I think there might be one very faint light starting to appear right at the end of this very long and dark tunnel… keep smiling Year 6, you are all fabulous!
The Year 6 team! 🙂


My Maths:

The following tasks have been set this week on MyMaths:

-nets of 3D shapes

-decimals and place value

-calculations and problem solving

-reading pie charts

White Rose

White Rose is continuing to provide daily lessons on their website. Thank you to the children who are choosing to use these resources and are emailing us work they are completing from there!

Purple Mash

VE Day Quiz

Rationing: Carry out some research to find out about rationing during the war.

VE Day: Write a newspaper report about VE Day and the end of World War II, 8th May 1945.

Focus text: Our Big Kitchen Chapters 1- 6 and the quizzes.

2Graph – Favourite Biscuits: Find out what your friends’ or family’s favourite biscuits are and chart them.

2Animate – Food Animation: Create an animated scene of preparing and cooking food.

Biscuit Game – 2DIY3D: Collect the items and things you need to do in order to make the biscuits.

2DIY3D – Food Game: Design, play and share your own 3D food game.

Sorting Into Food Groups

2Go – Collect Ingredients: Can you collect all the ingredients to make some cookies?

My Favourite Recipe: Find out how to make your favourite family meal. Write a recipe and we can email it to the rest of Year 6 for them to do!

Kitchen Health and Safety: Write down some health and safety rules for preparing food in a kitchen.

2Design and Make – Cookie Box

Internet safety Quiz: consent and permission


Task: To write diary entry from VE Day 1945.

Imagine you are someone from the image attached and write a diary entry from their point of view to explain how they felt about the war ending in Europe. On the attached document there are things you need to consider when writing your diary entry and a word bank to help you think about some of the language you may need to use. See below for the attached resource for you to download.

VE Day Street Party Diary Entry


VE day reading comprehension, this should help you to understand more about why VE day is so special and will help link with your writing outcome for English this week. Make sure you choose either ***, ** or * based on which level of challenge you feel would work best for you. There are answers too so make sure you mark your work too!

VE Day Comprehension


Task 1: Continue with WW2 project which was set last week, email us if you are stuck for ideas or would like more help!

Task 2: Design your own innovative VE day war medal.

What would it be awarded for?

What would it look like?

What would it be made from?

Create an annotated sketch and give a short explanation about why someone would have received your VE day medal.


Mrs Halpern sends out weekly music emails and this week we would like you to have a go and get musical whichever way you would like. The following ideas are some linked to VE day so why not have a go at one or some of these:

  1. As you know, this Friday 8th May will mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day – the end of World War 2 in Europe. A popular song at the time was ‘We’ll Meet Again’. This is a lovely song which is especially meaningful right now. The lyrics and soundtrack are attached to her previous email, if you would like to sing along
  2. Another song that helped England throughout World War 2, the Battle of Britain and the London Blitz was ‘You Are My Sunshine’. It is another lovely tune. In Mrs Halpern’s email, she attached the sheet music if you’d like to have a go playing it. There is a version for flute/recorder/saxophone/guitar/violin/piano/keyboard. There is another version for clarinet and another for cello.
  3. Beat Boxing;

You can make music at home even if you don’t have instruments – you could just use sounds made by your mouth. You can do this on your own or with other people in your household – if they feel like joining in with you!

If you click on this link you might be able to see a video of my first beat boxing attempt…

Also attached to her previous email was an audio recording if you can’t open the video

I’d love to hear or see some of your beat boxing if you feel like having a go?

  1. Clapping Challenges; check emails for attachments

Learning to celebrate this week:

This is some of the work that we have been sent this week from children across Year 6:

Emma emporium description – click to read!

Katina’s Narrative:

Sam’s superhero story – click to read 

Week 7 Tasks

The end of week 6 home learning is here and sadly so is the rain. Although I have to say, I do love the smell of rain and I think all the growing plants were glad for some too! I hope everyone managed to see the rainbow yesterday evening, it was beautiful and certainly brightened a rainy day! I know I say it every week but we are all incredibly proud of every single one of you for your work and commitment to getting through these tough times. It has been very clear to us this week that you are continuing to show the school values during your learning at home and this shows such excellent maturity. We understand that this is not Summer Term in year 6 you had all hoped for, I think some of you would even prefer to still be doing SATs but things will hopefully get better for us soon! We can see how much work you are getting up to and hope you are all receiving the feedback we promise to give you across Purple Mash, My Maths and via 2email.

This week the Year 6 teachers have started our ‘check in’ phone calls. We have really enjoyed catching up with some of you, hearing what you have been up to and helping you through your problems or questions. If you have not received your phone call yet, do not worry we haven’t forgotten you, we just haven’t reached you yet. We will be calling everyone on a 2 week cycle and you should all receive your call by Friday 7th May 2020. Please remember our calls will appear as ‘No Caller ID’ so please make sure you keep an eye out us! We will call between 9am-4pm, Monday – Friday. Please continue to use 2email as your initial point of contact and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

I know you are all ready and raring for Week 7 and all the fun stuff we have in store for you! As usual the full list of activities is below. Please pay careful attention to the maths this week we have been exploring some of the resources available on other platforms as we have explained below.

Finally, as the weeks all begin to blur into one, we would encourage you not to give up now. Listen to the advice, continue to work as hard as you are and trust that there is light at the end of this very dark and long tunnel…

The Year 6 Team 🙂


My Maths:

  • algebraic thinking
  • frac, dec, per 2
  • lowest common multiple
  • rounding and accuracy

White Rose Resources – something new to try:
White Rose has some amazing Home Learning Maths resources. We have used lots of their work in class before so you should be used to the way they ask questions but as usual, if you need any help at all, send us an email! What is great about these resources is that they have a lesson to go alongside them so if you have forgotten how to do any part of the working, you can watch the video for some help.

There are three weeks of lessons on the website at the moment (you do not have to do every lesson – have a look and choose what is of interest to you and the areas you need to work on just as you did after practise SATs papers at school.)

Week 1  – angles (in triangles and vertically opposite angles)

Week 2 – angles in quadrilaterals (4 sided shapes) and problems to solve

Week 3 – all things fractions!

Challenge me!

Oh! Hidden Inside?

Age 11 to 14 **

Find the number which has 8 factors, such that the product of all the factors is 331776.

Remember: A a factor (or divisor) is a number that divides exactly into another number.

Stuck or need some more help? …




Task 1:

Thank you for the exciting super hero stories we have already received! This week, we have seen that John Lewis are running a competition for someone to design a super hero themed bear for them to sell at Christmas. As we often write about the John Lewis advert for our whole school winter write, we thought it would be really fun to see you turn your superheroes from this week’s writing into bears!

To enter, all you need to do is go to this website download the template and get designing! You entries have to be submitted to John Lewis (not to us although we would love to see a copy of your design!) by Friday 8th May at 5pm. We can’t wait to see your designs and hopefully buy them as real superhero teddies later in the year!

Task 2:
What is adaptation? – first watch this and make notes on what adaption is. Have a go at quiz at the bottom too.

Then, on purple mash, you have been set a task to create a fact file on how an animal has adapted to its environment.

Adaptation to Tundra: Research and describe ways in which animals have adapted to such harsh environments. In order to complete this task, you need to use English lessons to research your chosen animal fully. You will need to research how it is adapted to living in its specific environment.


VE Day Celebrations:

This year, the first bank holiday in May has been moved from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day in World War II, when fighting between the Allies and Nazi Germany stopped in Europe. For more information about VE day and the events which lead to and after VE day, explore this link:

In honour of VE Day, here are a few suggestions of ways to commemorate this special occasion while respecting social distancing measures

  1. On VE day it was announced that people could purchase red, white and blue bunting without using ration coupons, so why not make some bunting and display outside your house?
  2. Why not do some WW2 baking? Explore some of the WWII recipes and see if you can use only the rationed ingredients.
  3. Dancing kept peoples spirits alive throughout WWII so VE day was celebrated with lots of singing and dancing. Why not create your own VE day dance and teach your family? Explore different WWII music, perhaps you could even learn to play a WWII piece of music on your instrument and play it in the street – obviously respecting social distancing of course!

History project – to celebrate 75th Anniversary of WWII

To celebrate 75 years since VE day and to bring your learning of WWII together, we would like you to create a WWII project!

Below are some ideas for what you could do as your project or some starting points but if you have a better idea, feel free to go with that. Get creative with how you present it and you can, once again, email over a picture of it or the document in an attachment on 2email. We’ll put some up on the website for everyone to see! Keep your projects safe, we would love to create a display at school with your WWII projects to show off to the rest of the school!

Some ideas: 

– Build your own Anderson or Morrison shelter and then write information about the one you have chosen (Where would it be found? How many were manufactured? Did everyone own one? How many people could fit in?)

– Research to see if there were any local heroes in your area. What did they do? Are they still alive today? Are you related to them?

– How did either war affect your area? Are there any memorials or signs? Museums?

– Turn a table on its side and pretend you’re in a trench! Film yourself reporting from the front lines about the conditions and daily life.

– Create a diorama/model of a battlefield using Lego or craft materials and label it:

– Use the Mozaik3D app (iOS/Android/Windows – you can create a free account with just an email address) to research different types of soldiers and weapons such as tanks and planes.

Being a project, you might need a little longer to complete this so the hand in date will be 2 weeks from now on Friday 15th May. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!! If you do build something, think about how you can recycle materials that have already been used. Have fun!!

Purple Mash:

The Magic Pen: Chapters 1 – 6 with comprehension quiz.

Bill struggles with his writing but when he steals a pen, his writing becomes more powerful than he could ever have imagined.

Summer 1 Spellings– revision of Spring spellings and abstract nouns.

Adaptation to Tundra: Research and describe ways in which animals have adapted to such harsh environments.

Compare and order fractions

Funky platform: Use the calculation platforms to reach the target number.

My Magic pen: If you had a magic pen, what would you write down? What problems do you think it could cause?

Online communication quiz: Are you developing the appropriate scepticism when it comes to online communication?

Emporium: Imagine you are in an emporium. Describe the weird and wonderful objects that surround you.

Roman numerals: Read Roman numerals to 1000 (M) and recognise years written in Roman numerals.

Multiplication race: 3, 4 and 8 times tables.


Solve, Shoot, Score – a game produced by the Premier League

For the football fans out there, I think you will like this one. It got very competitive in my house when we were trying this out! Choose the premier league team that you want to play for and try to beat the goalie by choosing the correct spelling of each word. There are 3 different levels, why not challenge yourself? Any words you spell incorrectly, make sure you make a note of them, choose 3 you are most likely to use and find a fun way to learn how to spell them. You could sing them, rap about them, create a dance, draw a picture or use a pneumonic to help you remember them for next time.

Week 6 Celebrations!

Pierce’s Superhero Story

Izzy’s Mary Anning Fact-file:

Boah Superhero Narrative

Matteo Superhero Story

Superhero narrative Thomas

Jess Doppelganger Narrative

Boah Art Work


Happy Friday Year 6! As the end of this week draws to a close, we want to say another BIG well done to every single one of you for all of your hard work, effort and resilience during these tricky times. Doesn’t it feel like this is going on forever? We know that it is hard for all of you and we know people are going through some horrible times but where possible, don’t forget to be grateful. In these circumstances, which have completely changed life as we have always known it, we encourage you TALK to people around you, CELEBRATE the good things that are happening at home and always REMEMBER this will soon be over and we can all get back to the things we love doing very soon.

Which school values will you show this week? Let us know…

This week, like no other, we have got a selection of activities set for you that we know you will enjoy. We have noticed that a few of you are only accessing resources on one platform and not having a go at everything, particularly the extra resources that we put on here – the school website. We would like to encourage you to have a go at as much as you can and please ensure you email us either a word document with your work or an image attached via PURPLE MASH. This week, we are having a writing focus so we would like to receive 1 piece of writing from every child. If you haven’t had a go at any of the previous tasks you can choose from any of the writing outcomes or create one of your own. It is very important that you keep writing. In addition to writing tasks, we have also set E-safety lessons/tasks these have been uploaded onto Purple Mash Work and have been emailed to you all in an email from Miss Hennessey. Please keep an eye out for these and make sure that you have a go. Whilst we are using technology more than ever at the moment to learn and communicate, it is important that we have a refresh on how to keep safe online! If you are ever worried about anything online you MUST still speak to a trusted adult at home or email us and we will find a way to help you.

Finally, keeping in contact with you all is important to us, we miss you all and we like to know you are safe, well and getting on ok. To ensure this, our first point of contact will always be via Purple Mash Email. You can email your class teacher whenever suits you and we will aim to get back to you as soon as we can. In addition, we will be calling everyone at some point over the next 2 weeks, Monday – Friday between 9am and 4pm. This will be to see how you are doing, have a chat with you and an opportunity for you to ask your teacher any questions you may have. Your parent has received a text to let them know but please remind them to keep an eye out for our call. Please note our call will come up on their phone as NO CALLER ID or WITHHELD NUMBER. Please answer our call, we would love to have a chat!!

Have a great week Year 6, keep smiling and working hard. You are all incredible and making us very proud!

A big virtual hug from: Miss McBride, Mrs Marks, Miss Hennessy, Mrs Alpay, Mrs Watson, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Ashwell! 

Maths – MyMaths: 
– Area of a triangle
– Long division
– Arithmetic assessment – don’t forget to keep this ticking over
– Conversion graphs
– TimesTable Rockstars Battle – which year 6 class will be the winners? – Weekly maths challenges on BBC new Bitesize lessons! Email us the answers…

English: To write a superhero narrative!

Greg James and Chris Smith are authors of the Kid Normal book series, an four-part adventure about a superhero kid… with no powers! Watch their video guide to making up your own superhero story, then try the activities below. You can also download a free audio version of Kid Normal. What will your weird and wonderful superpower be? – watch the video of Chris Smith talking you through the steps to write your very own Superhero story! We can’t wait to read them!

SPAG: To understand active and passive verb forms and when to use –

The following online lesson is a grammar lesson linked to active and passive voice. Watch the lesson, model and then have a go at the activities! Let us know how you get on!

Purple Mash: 


Our focus text is ‘Baby Boom’: Jet Anderson’s world gets turned upside down when his parents give him some surprising news on his birthday (Chapters 1 – 8 with a quiz for each)

-Two Diary entries from the Jet’s perspective

Writing outcome: Setting description of a mysterious building

‘Flora’s trouble’: using semi colons and dashes accurately

Fraction Wall: complete a ‘whole’ using the different fractions; try and do it in time before the bars fall!

Internet safety: Should she be on friendbook?

Maths task: Compare and order numbers to 1 million.

Monster multiplication: Beat last week’s time and accuracy!

Sequence snake: Get the snake to eat the correct numbers in the sequence- Challenge yourself by choosing Level C!

Spelling: revising some of the year 6 spellings.

Screen time: how much time should we be spending on our screens?

Wellbeing tasks: Preparing for secondary school 

Some of you we know are getting anxious and feeling a little nervous about transition to secondary school. This is an excellent well-being lesson that just talks through a few things that may be worrying you about secondary school. Please rest assured we are already in contact with your secondary schools to make your transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or worries about your secondary transition, email us and we will try and answer them!

Art: Still life drawing 

Your art challenge this week is to practice drawing a still life scene. The web link below is a step by step ‘how to’ guide which I found very interesting and useful. Create a simple set up, have a look at the ideas using fruit or vases and see if you can sketch it! Make sure you email us your work and if you agree, we will publish a few on our webpage!

E-Safety: Staying safe online
See DIGIsafe tasks emailed to you and uploaded onto Purple Mash Work folder – see the orange folder at the top
Jessica’s Wish activity – Safer Internet Day

Watch the following video:

Discuss the following questions together with your family:

  • What would it be like if we were all the same?
  • What’s good about being different online?
  • How many ways are we all different online?
  • Do we always have to agree with/have the same view as other people?
  • TASK: Using the video as inspiration, what would be your top tips for staying safe online? Create your own online safety poster and send it to us, we will publish them on the website to share with other children to keep them safe too.

Science: Evolution 

Our next science unit of learning will be Evolution and Inheritance. This is part of the Year 6 science curriculum and we teach it as a scientific concept.

In order to get started with this unit and get a general overview of what will be ahead over the term, we would like you to explore this BBC Webpage and learn the following key words that you will need to know for the unit – see it as a pre-learning activity. Make a note of the questions you have and would like to find out. Email them to us and we will shape the learning to reflect what you would like to know…

Key words to learn:

  • Adaptation – How living things are specialised to suit their environment.
  • Evolution – The process by which living things can gradually change over time.
  • Inheritance – The process of passing on features from parents to offspring.
  • Species – A group of living things with very similar characteristics. They can breed together to make more living things of the same type.
  • Variation – The differences between living things in a species.

Ask your parents to test you, how many can you spell by the end of the week?

My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule:  

A great opportunity to reflect upon how you feel during this very uncertain time and something to print and keep to explain to others in the future about your experiences. Remember you are part of history and will be able to teach the generations to come about what it is like living in isolation.

2020 Time Capsule – click to download document


The Summer term is here, the sun is shining and we hope you are all still smiling.
It has been a very strange Easter holiday but we hope you have enjoyed the little things like watching plants begin to flourish in the sunshine, listening to the birds chat away to each other and enjoying your one session of outdoor exercise every day.

A huge well done for having a go at some of the Easter challenges we set you at the end of last term. We particularly enjoyed having a go at some of the games you created for us on purple mash – you set the bar very high, I failed to get past level 1 on most of them! You are all getting on so well with this online learning business and we know you will continue to work incredibly hard this term. Despite this, we have noticed some of you are working quite late into the night but we just want to remind you that during these uncertain times it is essential to remember the importance of sleep. It not only helps to refresh your mind but it also supports your body’s natural defences so make sure, as we start the summer term from home, make sure you try to re-establish a routine and look after yourselves.

So, to kick off the summer term, we have uploaded some new tasks to Purple Mash, My Maths and to the school website below. As usual, anything you complete at home, please make sure that you email us a picture of it or copy and paste from a word document into an email, this means we can give you feedback and see what you have been up to. Remember we will be checking our emails daily, so if there is anything you need, let us know!

These tasks will be live for 1 week and will end on Friday 24th April 2020. We hope to see as many as you engaging with as many activities as you can – we want you to keep those brains working but make sure you make it work for you and your family.

Have fun, keep safe and look after each other! The Year 6 Team! 


My Maths: 

TASKS: Addition, subtraction, BIDMAS and place value revision – a week of revision of key mathematic concepts for new term. Make sure you complete the lesson followed by the activities. You can go back and try the activities again if you feel your score does not reflect your understanding – remember we can see your score!

Other maths activities:

Classroom secrets pack – you will recognise these tasks as we have used similar resources in class.

Tasks: We would like you to have a go at the first three tasks: Rounding numbers, Fractions to Decimals 1 and Four Quadrants. You don’t not have to do all of the tasks in these sections, choose to do either ‘D’ for developing, ‘E’ for expected or ‘GDS’ for greater depth. There is also a guidance and answer booklet so you can check your answers.

Purple Mash: 

Film Seen is our focus text Chapter 1 -6: Read each chapter, answer the quiz and then try and complete the follow up SPAG activity.
2DIY3D: Design, play and share your own 3D games.
Monster Multiplication: Try and beat your records!
All about me poster: You might have discovered more about yourself and your interests during this isolation; share them!
Mary Anning Fact file: complete some research and write about Mary Anning’s work in preparation for our Evolution and Inheritance unit!
Fossils Leaflet: Write all that you know about fossils- remember your learning in Year 3!
Puzzle: Design and then build your very own puzzle!


TASK: To write an informal letter to a friend or loved one for them to check in on them, help cheer them up and make them smile. We would like you to actually post your letter if you can so that your writing has a real life purpose! This is a very difficult time for lots of people and receiving a happy letter could be something that makes their day. Please take a photo of your letter and attach it to us in an email or when you type it, copy and paste the text into an email, we would love to read them too!

The following informal letter annotated letter model will help you to get an idea of what an informal letter looks like. Please download it and have a look through before you have a go at writing your own. Make sure you pay careful attention to the fact that it is an INFORMAL letter so you will need to use appropriate language. Remember maintaining that tone throughout your letter is something we will be looking for.

Informal Letter Exemplar Annotated – click to download

Download the following free Collins resource and have a go at a few of these revision card activities. They are all liked to KS2 SPAG objectives. Have a go and let us know how you get on! J

STEM Activity – D&T/Science

We thought you might have some extra chocolate left over to experiment with so we have found a fun STEM investigation for you to have a go at. This resource has been provided by the Welding Institute. It looks so much fun and the teachers are going to have a go too!

See the experiments on the attached PDF document and make sure you send us some photos!!

Welding Chocolate – click to download

Music: (See emails from Mrs Halpern)

Task 1: If you enjoy singing don’t forget to log on to Young Voices at home where you can join in some fun live sing along sessions and vocal activities with the Young Voices team! They’re really good and you might recognise some of the songs.

Task 2: Learn to sing or play ‘Here comes the sun’ using the music sheets that Mrs Halpern has already emailed you on Purple Mash. If you have lost these or cannot find them, please email your class teacher and we will forward them on to you.

Task 3: Beethoven


Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in Germany in 1770 and died in 1827. This year, 2020, marks the 250th anniversary of his birth. If life was back to normal, many people would be celebrating this with concerts and performances. Beethoven wrote lots of famous music including Fur Elise and Ode to Joy.

The website Ten Pieces – BBC › teach › ten-pieces has fantastic resources for classical music. It has been updated to include ideas and activities for music  making at home. If you search for KS2 Beethoven Symphony no.5 1st movement you will find loads of information about Beethoven and the symphony including a video of an orchestral performance of the piece and some instrumental parts.

It’s quite fun to listen to the music while following a graphic score. Here is a link;

PreviewPreview7:38Beethoven, Symphony 5, 1st movement

Also on the BBC Ten Pieces website you will find a short film of Fazer from NDubz composing a piece of music inspired by Beethoven’s 5th Symphony which is quite interesting.

And have a listen to ‘A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy which is one of my favourite tracks!

WALTER MURPHY- A Fifth of Beethoven (extended version …

Mrs Halper’s something to think about…

If Beethoven came back today and heard these newer versions of his music what would he think?

Why not email Mrs Halpern your thoughts…

Work to celebrate this week…

The Power Of Hope Poem

By Thomas 6M

Hope is thinking positively,

Thinking ahead like never before,

To the wonderful dream of a time that could be.

Hope is free for all,

Free for absolutely anyone,

All you have to do is believe in a brighter future.

Hope is having faith, having strength,

Hope is finding the light at the end of a tunnel,

Not panicking on a ship without a rudder,


Hope is finding comfort within,

And working your way through the thunderstorm,

To the light, fun and glory that is above and beyond.


Push all your problems aside,

Look up high to the sky,

And feel the hope that lies in your heart.

Hope has the power of creation,

It can create love, happiness, laughter and joy,

As well as help you to sing and dance.

When the rain does not stop,

And you are surrounded by evil,

The hope filling you will guide you through.


Even if you are doubtful,

The superpower will rise up once more,

And save the day.

Anyone can have hope,

And anyone can use it to change the world;

With the power of hope, all things are possible!

Year 6 Easter Competition Winners…


6R – Sofia

6O – Erin 

Well done to everyone that took part in our virtual Year 6 Easter egg competition, your entries were so creative and they really cheered us all up! Thank you 🙂


So Year 6, the end of the spring term has arrived and sadly it wasn’t quite the finish to your penultimate term that we had hoped for. Despite this, the Year 6 team are amazed at how hard you have worked on the different tasks we have set over the last few weeks, especially when things feel very strange and uncertain for everyone. We do understand that the next 2 weeks are your 2 weeks off and know that it is very important that we all give our brains a break but equally, we know that it is important to stay motivated and keep some sort of routine. In light of this, we have set some different (optional) challenges for you to have a go at over the Easter period. We have set them to complete at the end of the Easter break so you have 2 weeks to complete all of the following tasks. Even though it is the holidays, your teachers will still be checking your emails, just not so frequently. Please make sure that you continue to keep in contact with us and send us your worries or concerns – we miss you all very much!   

We wish you all a very a very happy, albeit strange, holiday and we hope you enjoy eating some delicious chocolate eggs! 

6R, 6M and 6O My maths: line graphs, misleading graphs, mixed times tables 2-12 and modelling percentage increase and decrease

Mrs Gardiner’s My maths: rounding and accuracy, place value beyond 10,000, multiply single digit and doubling and halving

To write a song or a poem which links to the theme of hope. Your poem or song can take whatever form or style you wish – the more creative the better!

Please take a picture of your poem or song lyrics and send them to your class teacher via email on Purple Mash! 

Think about: 

-What does hope mean to you?
-Will you use rhyme?
-How will you use descriptive language?


Purple Mash: There have been a few children who have emailed as they are experiencing issues with Purple mash not allowing them to login this week. Purple Mash is experiencing a high volume of children and teachers trying to login in the morning and it struggles to cope with this many people trying to access it. I tried later on in the afternoon and it worked much better. Thank you for your patience with this and well done for being so resilient!

Tasks set:




As it is your final year at Hazelwood, we do not want you to miss out on the tradition of the ‘Hazelwood Easter Egg Competition’ so Year 6 will be doing one of their own!

This year our YEAR 6 THEME is: CELEBRATION

Please email (on purple mash) a picture of your finished entry to your class teacher by 4pm on Thursday 16th April 2020. There will be 1 winner and 1 runner up per class. We will find a way to ensure that the winners receive a certificate and prize!


To sketch the view from your bedroom window.
You will need to think about:
-Getting yourself in a comfy position that you will be able to stay in for a little while
-Think about the proportion (size of objects in relation to each other)
– How you use the pencil to create different tones and textures
– Create your frame, what will you aim to include?

The following images are some examples to get you started…

Image result for draw view from bedroom window Image result for draw view from bedroom window Image result for draw view from bedroom window

Something to make you smile: 

Image result for kids joke


As week 1 draws to a close, we would like to say a HUGE well done to you all for such a resilient attitude this week! We are SO impressed with your commitment to online learning and have been amazed by your hard work. Try your best with the following tasks but do not put too much pressure on yourselves. Make it work for you and your family but remember to make time for exercise, reading, cooking, painting, helping adults with chores and lots of fun! All of the Year 6 staff would like to say a big hello, we are thinking of you all and hope you and your families are keeping safe during these unsettling times.

6R, 6M and 6O My maths: percentages, percentages of amounts, negative numbers and parts of a circle. These should be revision tasks but make sure you watch/take art in the lesson to refresh your understanding before you begin. Remember we can see your scores!
Mrs Gardiner’s My maths: introducing negative numbers, rounding to nearest 10/100 and applying to solve problems and estimating using decimals.

English: To write a narrative (story) which begins: “Follow me!” she whispered.

This is just an example of the type of setting that you could choose to base your narrative on but feel free to choose your own. Make sure you email your narrative to your teacher either by attaching a word document to an email (on Purple Mash) or by copying and pasting it into an email. We look forward to reading them…

Things to consider:
– figurative language
– Varied punctuation used correctly
– DAD – dialogue but used carefully to move the narrative forwards
–  Show not tell – used carefully to develop the description

We also suggest that you continue to keep a daily diary; one day this difficult time will be taught to children in history lessons. You will hold precious evidence and historical sources!

Purple Mash:

Please be aware that you do not need to click a ‘hand in’ button for all of the tasks, when you have finished if it comes up with ‘hand in’ then click it. If it does not come up with ‘hand in’ it will just send to us automatically – we can see your work so don’t worry!

The Blitz: Write a newspaper report about a street bombed in the Blitz.
All About the Battle of Britain: When was the Battle of Britain? Why was it so significant? (given template)
World War 2 Plane: Can you paint a pattern for this World War 2 Plane?
Y6 Spelling WK3 – Quiz: Double consonants.
Indigo’s game: Use of the passive to affect the presentation of information in a sentence.
Football time: Use of the passive to affect the presentation of information in a sentence.

Something to make you smile… 

See the source image

Keep safe, we miss you lots…


Book Blog! 

Every week, children who have read 5 times or more and responded in their reading record books will be put into a raffle. If their name is drawn from the raffle, they get the opportunity to add to our online book blog and record a book recommendation or review of their choice! Keep reading…

Newest entry:


Book: Geek Girl

My name is Alana, I’ve recently been reading  Geek Girl by Holly Samle.  I’ve been loving this book so far since its about a geek named Harriet, who gets a chance to become a model thinking this will change her life positively which was not quite the case. This book is full of plot twists and full of all different emotions so I definitely recommend the book


Book: Changing the game

Hi my name is Jess, recently I’ve been reading a book called changing the game by Eassy stones. This book is all about women’s football. I enjoy reading this book because I love football and want to be a women’s footballer so its very fun to read and is interesting. I definitely recommend it to all football lovers!



Previous entries:


The Creakers

In a town called Whiffington where all the adults have disappeared, a girl called Lucy must learn how to survive in this parent free world. Lucy will find many friends along the way and learn what friendship really means. Will Lucy ever find the adults?

I would recommend this book to children from Y4-6 who enjoy reading adventure stories.

I would rate this book 5/5 stars!

Izzy 6R

At the moment, I am reading Timmy Failure and I am enjoying it because it makes me laugh. Throughout the story there are lots of different scenerios and Timmy tries to solve them because he thinks that he is a detective. Timmy does not work alone, he has an assistant, which is his pet polar bear! The polar bear is gluttonous and very, very lazy. He tries to help Timmy to solve the problems but he just makes things worse. I am looking forward to reading the next part of this book because I’m excitied to see what happens to Timmy and the bullies at school. I do recommend this book and it will certainly make you laugh!! 

Ella 6R 

The book ‘Refugee Boy’ is a meaningful and moving story about a determined boy called Alem, who is stuck between the Ethiopian war with his father and mother. He is welcome nowhere. So he and his father go on a ‘holiday’ and one morning, Alem wakes up in his hotel and finds a letter from his father who has left him in England as a refugee. He goes to the refugee council and is put in a children’s home, where he was told by the older children to go and get them food. He tries to runaway but he ends up back in the same place. After a serious meltdown, he is put with a welcoming family and goes to school, which he enjoys. One day he receives a letter from his father which tells him that his mother is missing and possibly dead. His father returns and they begin a rebellion with some friends but the next day, something devastating happens and it changes Alem’s life forever.

I really enjoyed this book because it is a really emotional story and will stick with me forever. It makes me think differently about refugees and I now understand that they do have families that love them aswell as others. I definitely recommend this story. I give it 5/5!

Mariam 6O

I liked the boy in striped pyjamas because it told me a lot about history and I would never want to put it down. It is based on a boy who is the son of off a commander. He makes a friend and he goes to visit him every day but something happens that is a big tragedy. My favourite  part is probably when Bruno goes to visit his friend because they discus something  different every different. I recommend this book to everyone because it has all different genres. Although it might be really sad I really enjoyed it and it is one of my favourite books. I give it a …

***** 5 star [more if possible]

Thomas 6M

This week I have been reading The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat by Enid Blyton. It is one of my favourite books that I have read because the author has thought of an interesting plot and it has lots of suspense throughout. I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading mystery stories. It is a guaranteed page turner! 

A polite reminder 

To ensure we are given an accurate picture of where every child is currently working (including any gaps in their learning) we ask that you do not use past SATS papers with your children at home. We will be using these as practice papers throughout the year to assess learning and to give children an opportunity to familiarise themselves with SATS routines. The 2016 SAMPLE SATS paper and CGP resources are excellent revision aids and we would ask that you refer to these at home instead.

PE Kits:
Please ensure that your child has his/her PE kit in school as our children partake in 2 PE lessons a week (see below for days). Please ensure that your child has a suitable PE kit for their outside lesson.
6R: Wednesday and Thursday
6O: Wednesday and Thursday
6M: Tuesday and Thursday

Calling all parents…Share your talents & passions!
Our upcoming learning journeys for the year are as follows:

Autumn 1: Ready, Steady, Go!
Autumn 2: Dragon’s Den
Spring 1: World War II
Spring 2: World War II
Summer 1: Eco-warriors
Summer 2: Moving On… up!

Day 1

We’ve arrived safe and sound! Our first day has been brilliant with a range of activities from kayaking to facing our fear of heights. Here are some of today’s highlights:

Day 2

Our first full day has been jam packed with new experiences! We’ve developed the value of team work in particular with activities like ‘all aboard’. The ‘giant swing’ was a real highlight for most and our aiming in ‘archery’ and ‘rifle shooting’ was impressive. We’re looking forward to some hot chocolate and biscuits this evening after a group game of capture the flag.

Day 3

Last night we were surprised with a treat of hot chocolate and biscuits because the PGL staff have been blown away by the children’s positivity, kindness and teamwork. We were very proud to hear that others have recognised our Hazelwood values!

This was a nice scene to stumble upon at 7.30 in the morning!

We’ve had another busy day today. The children loved receiving their post and are looking forward to spending their pocket money in the shop later this evening. Our evening activity is a ‘sports night’ so we’ll be more than ready for our beds tonight!


Day 4

Our last full day here at PGL has been filled with fun! We have tried fencing, the high ropes course and taken part in a sensory trail where we had to follow ropes to navigate through the forest blindfolded. Tonight we are off to celebrate a great week and dance the night away at the disco before packing our things to come home. We’ve had an amazing time and we can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!


Dates for your diary!

PGL and Activity week: WB 9.9.19

Secondary Transfer meeting: Tuesday 17th September at 7.00 pm

Practice SATS (1) Yr6 Assessment week: WB Monday 7th October 2019

Year 6 Individual & sibling photos – Friday 11th October 2019

Parent Consultation evenings: Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th October 2019

Broomfield Park, Armistice Day Ceremony: Monday 11th November 2019

Year 6 Reading Meeting for Parents

Year 6 Book Spine for Parents

Year 6 Key Questions




SUMMER 2: Moving on… up!

SUMMER 1:  Eco-Warriors

SPRING 1:  World War Two!

SPRING 1:  World War Two!

AUTUMN 2:  Dragon’s Den

AUTUMN 1:  Ready, Steady, Go!

List of useful revision websites:

List of  useful spelling websites:
BBC – KS2 Bitesize English – Spelling & grammar
BBC – KS2 Bitesize English – Spelling : Play
Crickweb | KS2 Literacy
spelling – Topmarks Search
English Spelling Games and Activities[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row