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 This half term’s learning journey is:

Moving On!

Week Ending: 29.06.18

In English:
This week, the children have been focusing on their show rehearsals. Next week, some children will be looking at letter writing!

In Maths:
This week, 
the children have been focusing on their show rehearsals. Next week, we will be taking part in a different Maths project.

Also this week: We have been working hard on our Year 6 production! Props have been made, dances have been choreographed and lines have almost been learnt.

This week in Spanish: In Spanish, Year 6 children were reading and understanding a text about a Spanish festival in Spain. They also had to give their opinions on different aspects of the festival.


School Production!

As you will no doubt be aware, Year 6 will be starting their rehearsals for our end-of-year production. The children have been allocated their parts, given their scripts and provided with song lyrics. We expect all children to have learned their lines as we will be working extremely hard over the next couple of weeks. If you could please support them with learning their lines (as well as stage directions and lyrics), it would be gratefully appreciated.


Dates for your diary!

Workshop with PC Doris: Monday 18th June 2018

Year 5 & 6 Sports Day: Monday 2nd July 2018 (approx 1:00pm to 3:00pm) at St Anne’s Playing Field

Year 6 Show to Rowan Classes: Monday 9th July 2018

Meet the Teacher: Monday 9th July 2018

Year 6 Show to Oak Classes: Tuesday 10th July 2018

Year 6 Show to Maple Classes: Wednesday 11th July 2018 – parents/carers are invited to this performance only if they are unable to attend the Thursday evening performance (please note that there will be limited seating due to the presence of the Maple classes).

Year 6 Show to parents: Thursday 12th July 2018 (7:00pm to 8:30pm)

Year 6 Disco and Sleepover: Friday 13th July 2018

Year 6 BBQ: Monday 16th July 2018

Picnic in the Playground: Thursday 19th July 2018

Year 6 Leavers Assembly: Friday 20th July 2018 (1:15pm in Rowan Hall)


World Book Day!

World Book Day was a great success despite the awful weather! They came dressed as their favourite book characters – some of the costumes were amazing! At various points during the day, a bell rang throughout the school indicating that the children should start reading, immediately! In addition, the children were given the opportunity to share their books/characters, and provide a presentation of their book reviews. At the end of the day, the children were then buddied-up with children from Year 3! They each read to one another in what was a really brilliant experience. The feedback from the children and the teachers was extremely positive – well done and thank you to Miss Michael for organising a successful day! Here are a few photos of the day:


Achievement Assembly Winners!

6O: All of the class
6M: Efe


Remembrance Service in Broomfield Park

Activity Week!

Thursday 28th September 2017

Today was the children’s last full day at PGL! Everyone had a great day and they ended it with their PGL Disco! The children looked great in their party outfits!


Wednesday 27th September 2017

Wet, windy but wild! What a second day! The children took  part in a number of activities – lots of them were water-based! There was kayaking, dragonboat racing, a giant swing, problem solving – the works! Lots of fun was had, despite the slightly damp weather conditions towards the end of the day! On a side note, the children received their care packages – everything was in one piece!


Tuesday 26th September 2017

It was an early start today – quarter past 6! The children had a good first night settling into their accommodation. The first round of room inspections went well. All of the children took part in their activities with enthusiasm and determination. Lots of them overcame their fears – a great first day! Their behaviour, so far(!), has been absolutely brilliant – a credit to Hazelwood.


********************************  Reminders  &  Notices  *********************************

The following letters have recently been sent home with your children:
-Imperial War Museum (trips on Tuesday 27th February, and Friday 2nd March)

-Parents’ Evening Letter

Calling all parents…Share your talents & passions!
Our upcoming learning journeys for the year are as follows:
Autumn 1: Travelling Through the 20th Century
Autumn 2: Our World In Danger
Spring 1: World War II
Spring 2: World War II
Summer 1: Ready, Steady, Go!
Summer 2: Moving On
If you have any particular interest, knowledge or speciality in any of these areas/topics, we would love to hear from you! Some parents have expressed an interest in delivering informal workshops or talks to the children, linking to our current learning journey. Please talk to your child’s teacher or Year Leader (Ben Roberts) if this is something you are interested in. We appreciate what a great asset our parents are at Hazelwood in supporting our children with their learning. A big thank you in advance to any volunteers!

PE Kits:
Please ensure that your child has his/her PE kit in school as our children partake in 2 PE lessons a week (see below for days) Please ensure that your child has a suitable PE kit for their outside lesson.

6R: Wednesday and Thursday
6O: Wednesday and Thursday
6M: Wednesday and Friday

Year 6 Reading Meeting for Parents

Year 6 Book Spine for Parents

Year 6 Key Questions




SPRING 1: World War Two!

Big Bang – Visit to the Imperial War Museum!

We hope you enjoy some of the photos we took!




SPRING 1: World War Two!

Big Bang – Visit to HMS Belfast!

During the first week back after Christmas, the children visited HMS Belfast on the River Thames! Whilst on board the ship, the children got a real taste for what it was like to serve on-board a real wartime ship. They were able to travel down to the lower decks of the ship right into the engineering section, they visited the shell room, the sick bay, the navigation room and some visited the Captain’s Quarters! Some children even spent some time in the brig! Overall, the trip was a great success and really immersed the children in the history of the Second World War!




Celebration – Watching ‘Carrie’s War’

To mark the end of the first part of this Learning Journey, the children were treated to a special screening of ‘Carrie’s War’ in Rowan Hall! Some children were already familiar with the film, having read the book. The film is set during the Second World War and follows two evacuees, Carrie and her younger brother Nick. The book itself was written in 1973 by Nina Bawden.


AUTUMN 2: Evolution and Inheritance

Big Bang – Visit to the Natural History Museum!

The children were fortunate enough to visit the Natural History museum for their Big Bang! For the purpose of our Learning Journey, the children’s main foci were the dinosaurs and the fossils, though they had a lot of fun exploring the different parts of the museum! Some were literally stunned by the sheer size of some of the dinosaur bones! We also had a good opportunity to see how man had evolved over the years, as the museum kept a series of skeletons dating back millions of years ago. On the whole, the children were very well behaved and certainly learned a lot from the trip.

Celebration – Selling Christmas items at the Christmas Bazaar!

To mark the end our Learning Journey, the children took part in the Christmas Bazaar, selling the items they had made as part of their Design and Technology projects. Almost all of the products sold out (as a result of some great selling) though in the end, Miss Michael’s class were the overall winner, raising a massive amount of money for HPSA. Well done 6O! Here are some pictures from the day, as well as of some of the products the children made during the term:


AUTUMN 1:  Travelling Through the 20th Century

Big Bang – Fashion Show through the decades!

On Thursday, the Year 6 children were treated to a Hazelwood Fashion Show! As our Learning Journey focuses heavily on British history, the teachers and TAs each donned the clothing of a particular decade! Ms Vincent represented the 1900s, Mr Roberts represented the 1920s, Mr Grant represented the 1930s, Mrs Conner represented the 1940s, Mrs Alpay represented the 1960s, Ms Powrie represented the 1970s, Miss Michael represented the 1980s and Mrs Ashwell represented the 1990s. A special thank you to Miss Powell who provided a wonderful commentary of the fashion show.


Celebration – Travelling Through the 20th Century!

On Thursday, the Year 6 children came dressed in the clothing of the different decades of the 20th Century. They also came prepared with their presentations for their chosen decade. The children were tasked with preparing presentations that incorporated the five senses (touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing) relating to a specific decade. Both the costumes and the presentations were AMAZING – Miss Powell said that they were some of the best she’d seen from her time in Year 6! There were exotic fragrances, scrumptious foods and fascinating sights! In the afternoon, the children took part in a dance-off, where they had to use the skills they had acquired from their dance lessons over the term! There were variations on the Charleston, the Jive and Disco; even the teachers had a go! Ultimately, and despite Mr Roberts’s remonstrations, Miss Ross judged the dance-off winners to be Isobel, Bazile and Sasha (6M) with Sienna and Victoria (6R) finishing as runners-up. Overall, it was a fantastic day to mark the end of our Learning Journey.


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