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Welcome to the Wonderful Year 5 Webpage
Autumn 1 – 2019/2020
This half term’s Learning Journey is Blow Your Mind!

Week Ending: 11.10.18

In English:

This week:

This week in English, the children finished their redrafts of their short stories. The children spent each day writing a section of their narrative, trying hard to include various grammatical and linguistic features. We spent a lot of time focusing on coherence and cohesion; this is definitely something that will need more work going forward. To support this at home, we would encourage your children to read a wider variety of texts (with increasingly more mature plot-lines) and try to get them to retell the story in their own words. We would also recommend that they try to write their own short stories at home. Hopefully, by reading the stories to you, they will be able to identify where their stories may lack coherence and/or cohesion.

Next week:

The children will be working on free verse poetry linked to magic and spells!

Spelling words for week beginning 14th October 2019:
according, equipment, profession, category, identity, signature

Please practise these words as much as possible with your children at home!

The previous week’s words were…
accompany, equipped, privilege, bruise, hindrance, shoulder

Next week’s words will be…
achieve, especially, programme, cemetery, immediate, sincere

In Maths: 

This week:

This week in Maths, the children focused on division. We recapped factors and multiples, before spending time looking at the short method for divsion (you may know it as the bus stop method). The children need to gain a better knowledge of their times tables in order to support their division work. If you can, please support your child with the Times Tables Rock Stars work! Later in the week, we looked at multi-step word problems involving the four operations.

Next week:

We will be working on shapes.

Factor Rainbow for 24

Times Table Rockstars:

Carry on practising your times table rock stars and try to beat your scores!

Can you beat your record?



Also this week:

The children took part in their latest Waste Warriors session. This week, the children looked at the amount of food that is wasted in the UK. They were STUNNED! The session next week involves the children eating mealworms. A letter has been sent home (on Friday) with a permission slip – please only fill in the slip if you do not wish for your child to try a mealworm.


IMPORTANT SWIMMING NOTICE: For the swimming lessons on Monday 14th October, the children are required to bring pyjama bottoms (not loose-fitting/heavy ones) in addition to their regular swimming kit. This is for a particular part of the swimming course designed to show them how dangerous it can be if people accidentally fall in lakes, rivers and other places where there is a large amount of water. If you do not have any pyjama bottoms of the sort, then the instructors recommended ‘under-armour’ style bottoms, similar to the clothing footballers wear underneath their football kits. All extra clothing needs to be brought in a separate bag. Thank you.


National Poetry Day!

As you may have seen, Hazelwood celebrated National Poetry Day on Thursday 3rd October! As part of their Home Learning, the children in Year 5 were asked to bring in a poem to share with children in a different year group. The children in Year 5 were absolutely brilliant; they showed great responsibility by sharing their poems with the Year 3s and listened attentively to the younger children’s poems as well. Afterwards, the children wrote and performed their own class poem about truth in a special assembly. They demonstrated real courage by performing in front of an audience. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and worked incredibly hard. The Year 5 team would like to say a special thank you to Ms Michael for organising such a great day! A big thank you to all the members of the Year 5 team, who spent their time after school writing (with varying degrees of success!) their class’s poems in chalk around the school!


Here are the poems the Year 5 classes wrote:


Climate Change, the environment and waste,

The truth is that sea levels are rising and animals are dying: what a disgrace.

The truth might be kept secret from us, but this is not always the case;

However, sometimes people try and influence us for personal gain: what a disgrace.

The truth is citizens are forced to leave their homes, forced to survive from place to place,

Seemingly persecuted where ever they go: what a disgrace.

The truth is there is terrible inequality in our society, the poor struggle to keep up with the pace,

Our political leaders are doing nothing about it: what a disgrace.

However, the truth is we need to put our trust in people and

remain true to who we are,

Honesty is the best policy and our truths will send us far.



The hidden truth is painful

It hurts more than a comfortable lie

The truth always wounds the most

When it’s hidden in plain sight


The truth can hide behind you

It can be a pleasurable pain

Not being honest with yourself

Can drive your mind insane


But, the truth is great when no-one knows it

No-one else but you

Telling the truth may lose you a friend

But you can always find someone new


The truth is often twisted

Causing you to question what you know

Always at the tip of your tongue

But not always ready to be swallowed


You can hide the truth for as long as you need

But after a while, it must always be freed

Listen up world, you must face up to your greed

But sooner or later, our words you must heed



Truth is often hidden by lies,

You should open up your eyes

Be truthful to yourself

Or honesty will lose its health

Truth is always the best,

It gives you a bit of zest

Express your feelings with people you trust

Otherwise your biggest dreams will turn to dust.

Truth is sharing your secrets with others

And not hiding yourself under the covers.

Words that fail to pass through your teeth

Need to be dug out from underneath.

Truth is saying what you are thinking

Unless you want to face the consequence of sinking.

The truth is sometimes hard to say

But afterwards you can scream out hooray!


Values Certificate Winners:
5O – Marnie and Jai
5M – Joanna and Leena
5R – Charlie and DamianImage result for smiley face


Dates for your diary!

Tuesday 10th September 2019 – Year 5 Big Bang
Friday 13th September 2019 – Year 5 Meet The Team
Wednesday 9th October 2019 – PGL Meeting (6pm in Rowan Hall, hosted by Ms Powell and Ms Gardiner)
Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th October 2019 – Parents’ Evening
Thursday 17th October 2019 – Year 5 trip to the Science Museum


****************************  Reminders & Notices   ****************************

Swimming – another reminder

From Monday 16th September, the children will be taking part in swimming lessons. The lessons will take place each Monday, and the lessons themselves are part of the national curriculum. The children have had a safety talk from someone from the council, and they have been told what they can/cannot bring with them as part of their swimming kit. In our first swimming lesson, we had children missing their kits, not bringing swimming hats, and some children brought items such as shower gels and flip-flops, which are not required/allowed. Children also need to ensure that they take their kits home afterwards to be washed. We found a few unwashed swimming kits on children’s pegs on Wednesday and Thursday – it wasn’t pleasant.

-A one piece swimming costume (Note: NO bikinis or wetsuits, please)
-A swimming hat for long hair
-A towel

-A pair of trunks (Note: swimming shorts or sports shorts that are loose fitting or finish below the hip are NOT suitable, because they can hinder a pupil’s progress, fall off, or fill up with air and tip the pupil over)
-A swimming hat for long hair
-A towel


If you want your child to wear goggles, a letter must be handed in to your child’s class teacher.


PLEASE NOTE: For the swimming lessons on Monday 14th October, the children are required to bring pyjama bottoms (not loose-fitting/heavy ones) in addition to their regular swimming kit. This is for a particular part of the swimming course designed to show them how dangerous it can be if people accidentally fall in lakes, rivers and other places where there is a large amount of water. If you do not have any pyjama bottoms of the sort, then the instructors recommended ‘under-armour’ style bottoms, similar to the clothing footballers wear underneath their football kits. All extra clothing needs to be brought in a separate bag. Thank you.


Swimming times:

5R – 1:30pm to 2:00pm
5M – 2:00pm to 2:30pm
5O – 2:30pm to 3:00pm (we will probably arrive back at school a little bit late!)


Important Notice

As you may know, Year 5 is an incredibly important year for your children. As a result, we highly advise that they be reading at home as often as they can. Ideally, they should be reading every day for a minimum of 30 minutes. This serves two purposes: firstly, it helps them to develop their reading skills, especially if you are questioning them whilst reading. Secondly, it allows the children to develop their vocabulary – something they will definitely need this year. We recommend reading a wide variety of texts (e.g. non-fiction, fiction, poetry, playscripts, etc) as these are likely to come up in Guided Reading.

In order to support the children’s writing, I highly recommend recapping the SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) from Years 3 and 4, as well as working on the Year 5 grammar. The CGP SPAG books (both the revision guides and the workbooks) are particularly useful in this regard. A selection of CGP SPAG books can be found here. Furthermore, the children will be receiving a paper copy of the Year 5/6 Spelling words, which are different to the Year 3/4 Spelling words. The list can be found here.

In relation to Maths, again, the CGP books are fantastic. I thoroughly recommend purchasing the revision guides and the workbooks, which can be found here. It is also vital that the children continually practise their times tables. Throughout Year 5, we will be doing a lot of work on times tables, but practise at home is also very important.

I really hope that as parents, you encourage your children to take their work seriously and to be prepared to put the work in at home. As always, if you have any questions, please come and speak to me, Mr Roberts, in 5O. Thank you.

Calling all parents…share your talents & passions!
Our upcoming Learning Journeys for the year are as follows:
Autumn 1: Blow Your Mind
Autumn 2: Lost in Space
Spring 1: The Life of the Buddha
Spring 2: Rainforest
Summer 1: The Vikings
Summer 2: Ancient Egypt

If you have any particular interest, knowledge or speciality in any of these areas/topics, we would love to hear from you! Some parents have expressed an interest in delivering informal workshops or talks to the children, linking to our current learning journey. Please talk to your child’s teacher or Year Leader (Mr Roberts) if this is something you are interested in. We appreciate what a great asset our parents are at Hazelwood in supporting our children with their learning. A big thank you in advance to any volunteers!

PE Kits/Swimming Kits:

Please ensure that your child has his/her PE kit in school. This year, Year 5 will be having PE on Wednesdays. At the end of Year 4, you should have received a letter about swimming. The children will be given a safety talk on Monday 9th September 2019 in class, and this will include what they are/are not allowed to bring to their lessons. Swimming lessons will commence on Monday 16th September. Occasionally, the class that goes swimming last may arrive back at school slightly late due to traffic. If this does happen, please be patient; the class teacher will do their best to keep the school informed of any lateness.


***************Our Incredible Learning Journey Archive***************


On Tuesday 10th September, Year 5 took part in their Big Bang – Mad Scientists Day! The children took part in three workshops. The physics workshop, run by Ms Mowlem, involved the children trying to defy gravity by building egg parachutes! The aim was to stop the egg from cracking when dropped from a height. The biology workshop, run by Ms Costi, involved the children making snot! Finally, the chemistry workshop, run by Mr Roberts, involved the children making their own bathbombs. The children combined sodium bicarbonate, essential oils (inspired by Arabic perfumes!) and colouring to create their bathbombs. The children will be taking their bathbombs home on Friday – they will need to add a very small amount of water to the powder in order to mould it into a ball shape. The children then ended the day by watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! Overall, they had a fantastic day and some of the costumes were BRILLIANT! Pictures to follow soon!


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