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This half-term’s Learning Journey is: 

Viva Espana!

(Summer 2)




Meet your new teachers!

Your new teachers have filmed a ‘Meet the teacher’ video introducing themselves. Click on the link below to access:

4O to 5O:

4R to 5R:

4M to 5M:






Message to Year 4 Children who are returning to school next week (w.b. 6th July)

Hello again! Your teachers have made a ‘Welcome Back’ video, which gives you a preview as to what your classroom looks like and a brief run-down of the new rules and procedures for in class and in the playground. We will email the videos to you on Purple Mash as well, so when you can, please give them a watch! We can’t wait to see you! Just a quick reminder that when arriving at school, you must enter via the driveway entrance, not via the office! The office is now an exit only. We will of course be going through everything with you on Monday/Thursday morning, so please don’t panic if you can’t remember it all! Thank you!


You can take your bottles out into the playground! 🙂 





For those of you returning to school on the 6th July, as part of our ‘blended learning’ (mixture of Home Learning and in-school learning), we will be posting updates as to what you need to complete when you’re at home. It’ll be a combination of MyMaths, Purple Mash as well as some little research projects!




Online Home Learning!

Hi there Year 4!

On Purple Mash, we will set you some tasks linked to Spain and other subjects including RE, Maths and English.

In order to gain more understanding on Spain and our RE topic Islam, we recommend visiting the BBC Bitesize website before completing these activities. There are lots of videos and activities for you to have a look at. The website links can also be found here:

Hopefully, you’ve made a good start to this week’s Purple Mash and Mymaths activities! Scroll down for some more ideas!





A reminder that we will be setting weekly work on Purple Mash and MyMaths every Friday. You can email us through Purple Mash if you have any questions or need any support.

Just to let you know, we will be calling everyone at some point over the next 2 weeks, Monday – Friday between 9am and 4pm. This will be to see how you are doing, have a chat with you and an opportunity for you to ask your teacher any questions you may have. Your parent has received a text to let them know but please remind them to keep an eye out for our call. Please note our call will come up on their phone as NO CALLER ID or WITHHELD NUMBER. Please answer our call, as we would love to have a chat!!!





My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule:  

A great opportunity to reflect upon how you feel during this very uncertain time and something to print and keep to explain to others in the future about your experiences. Remember you are part of history and will be able to teach the generations to come about what it is like living in isolation.

2020 Time Capsule – click to download document



THINK U KNOW – Online Safety at Home



Just to let you know that if you need a bit of help with anything on Purple Mash or on My Maths, you can contact your teacher via the 2Email feature on Purple Mash. To find 2Email, look at the top right-hand corner of the screen, where it says ‘Add Filter’. Next to that is an empty bar where you can type in 2Email. Type it in and the 2Email app will appear on your screen – just click on the 2Email icon! Your teachers will be checking it everyday and will try to respond as best they can.








Other ideas:

Please do not feel that the children need to be sitting at the computer, iPad, etc for long durations of time and completing work. We want the children to continue with their learning but also take the time to have fun and even maybe learn a new skill! Take this time to let them explore different areas of learning e.g. starting a project on a topic of their choice, learning a language, learning how to bake, gardening, writing a book, creating a comic, writing some poems, drawing and painting.


Audible has released hundreds of free audio books
Free audiobooks include novels narrated by Thandie Newton and Dan Stevens.

National Trust aims to lift lockdown spirits with #BlossomWatch
Charity asks people to emulate Japan’s hanami custom and share images on social media.

Celebrity Masterclasses for Young People Studying at Home
Routine is really important for working at home or supporting the students still heading into schools. Many celebrities are hosting classes and we’ve compiled a whole days routine that could be used.

The Scouts launched an online activity platform ‘The Great Indoors’ 
There’s a whole host of resources the Scouts have released for free which students can do at home during isolation, take a look!


23.3.20 Week 1 & 2 

As a year group, we would like to give you lots of information about what the children should and could be doing during the coming weeks.

Firstly, we would like all children to continue with daily readingspelling and times table practise. We have reminded the children to carry on using Times Tables Rockstars and continue practising the spellings in their Home Spelling Books. The children would have received log in details for both Purple Mash and My Maths and this is where we will be setting work for them to complete.

We will be assigning a variety of activities every Friday and asking for it to be completed by the following Thursday, in order for us to look over it and mark it. We have explained to the children that they do not need to complete all of the activities at once and can stagger them over the week. If children do complete all of the activities before Thursday then they can continue with other things.

Please make sure the children click ‘hand in’ once they have fully completed the activity. Some activities will not ask for the children to ‘hand in’ but we will be checking their scores and seeing how well they have done. The children are more than welcome to complete other activities, on Purple Mash, even if they have not been assigned to them. Some of the work that we set for the children will need them to access the internet to do some research. We will add a description of what we are expecting the children to do so they know how we would like the work completed. They can save any of their work for them to revisit and for us to have a look at.  As well as Purple Mash, we will be setting work on My Maths which we will also assign on Friday and ask to be completed by the following Thursday.


Website Links:

There are also a number of links to various other websites, to help with keeping active at home. Please visit the links below:

Purple Mash:
My Maths:
PE with Joe – The Body Coach:
Sport England:
Go Noodle:
BBC Supermovers:
Cosmic Yoga:
Joe Wicks and Alfie Workouts:
NHS 10 Minute Shake-Ups:
NHS 10 Minute Cardio Workout:


Please refer to the letters that have gone home as well as the school newsletter for more information.

Thank you for your understanding.





Week Ending: 

In English:

This week:

Next week:

In Maths:

This week:

Next week:

Also this week,







Times Table Rockstars:   

Carry on practising your times table rock stars and try to beat your scores!

Can you beat your record?






Tree Assembly Achievement Winners: 








******************   REMINDERS &  NOTICES  ****************



Calling all parents…Share your talents & passions!
Our upcoming learning journeys for the year are as follows:
Autumn 1: Iron Man
Autumn 2: The Polar Express
Spring 1: The Romans and Anglo-Saxons
Spring 2: The Romans and Anglo-Saxons & CRASH! BANG! WALLOP!
Summer 2: Spain!
If you have any particular interest, knowledge or speciality in any of these areas/topics, we would love to hear from you! Some parents have expressed an interest in delivering informal workshops or talks to the children, linking to our current learning journey. Please talk to your child’s teacher or Year Leader (Miss Richards) if this is something you are interested in. We appreciate what a great asset our parents are at Hazelwood in supporting our children with their learning. A big thank you in advance to any volunteers!

PE Kits:
Please ensure that your child has his/her PE kit in school as our children partake in 2 PE lessons a week (see below for days) Please ensure that your child has a suitable PE kit for their outside lesson.

4R: Thursdays and Fridays

4O: Tuesdays and Thursdays

4M: Wednesdays and Thursdays






We went on a local trip around Palmers Green!

The children used their geography skills to spots points on interest, decide whether it was a human or physical feature and even plot the coordinates of the area using a map.

Here are some pictures from our walk:
























We have had a fantastic week celebrating World Book Week!

During the week we created our own stories, made our own books, took part in a theatre workshop and even watched the Year 4 teachers perform the story of Alice in Wonderland!

Here are some pictures from the week:











































On Friday, we celebrated NSPCC Number Day!

The children came in dressed up as different numbers and mathematical concepts ready to read their times table poems. During the day, we played various Maths games including a fractions treasure hunt and an activity about the book called The Lion’s Share.

Here are some pictures from our day:











We also had our Hazelwood EGGS-ibition!

All of the children did a fantastic job of explaining the EGGS-periments we completed during Science Week





We have been celebrating Science Week by taking part in many different investigations from egg geodes to melting. We have also learning more about the five types of enquiry; observing over time, research using secondary sources, identifying classifying and observing, pattern seeking and comparative and fair testing.


Here are some pictures from our week:










































In English this week, we have been working very hard to improve and publish our letters we have been developing about Illiona a Roman Slave.

We used tea to stain our letters and envelopes to make them look more authentic, which we then used to write up our letters.

On Friday, we shared our letters with Year 5, who had lots of questions about Illiona and her separation from her family.





















Year 4 had a Roman Day!

To celebrate the start of our new Learning Journey (The Romans and Anglo Saxons), Year 4 came in to school dressed up as a Roman.

During the day they rotated round classes to take part in lots of exciting activities. These included making Roman Oil Lamps using clay and designing a mosaic collage. In the afternoon all of the children enjoyed watching Horrible Histories and learnt lots of new facts!

Here are some pictures from the day:



















We had our Year 4 parties! Here are some pictures:






















The children finished sewing their Christmas puddings, which will be decorating Rowan Hall for the Christmas bazaar!




This week, Year 4 also had their Music Christmas Concert. The children have been learning to play their instruments during their music lessons and did a fantastic job showing off their skills so far!













The children identified different types of textiles, such as synthetic and natural. We learned how fibre is used to make yarn and yarn is used to make fabric. We also commented critically on different fabrics we had on our tables and compared them based on texture, pattern and material.


















Our trip to LEGOLAND!

Despite the rain we had a fantastic time!

The children took part in robotics workshop, where they had to build their own motion sensor robot using lego. Once built, they learnt how to program their robot on a computer to follow a series of commands, including changing colours!

The children also had lots of fun going on some of the rides with friends.

Here are some pictures from the day:



























Poetry Day!

Hazelwood celebrated National Poetry Day on Thursday 3rd October!

As part of their Home Learning, the children in Year 5 were asked to bring in a poem to share with children in a different year group, which they thoroughly enjoyed sharing with Year 6.

Afterwards, the children wrote and performed their own class poem about truth in a special assembly. They demonstrated real courage by performing in front of an audience and were very respectful when listening to others.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and worked incredibly hard.

Here are some pictures from the day:













Sponsored Mile!

The children took part in a sponsored mile to raise money for our travel to Legoland and thoroughly enjoyed participating with their friends and getting to move in their own way











We had our Learning Journey BIG BANG!

The children went outside to go on a hunt to find different bits and pieces using clues. When they returned to the class having found everything, they put all their items together to reveal it was the IRON MAN!
























List of good revision websites and books:

List of spelling websites:
BBC – KS2 Bitesize English – Spelling & grammar
BBC – KS2 Bitesize English – Spelling : Play
Crickweb | KS2 Literacy
spelling – Topmarks Search
English Spelling Games and Activities