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This half-term’s Learning Journey is: Let’s settle with the Anglo Saxons and Scots!

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Week Ending: Friday 23rd March 2018

In English:
This week,
we have been looking at diaries and using past tense language, emotive language and varied sentence types.

Next week, we will be looking at Boudicca and her rebellion. We will be writing stories about her telling her story.

In Maths:
This week,
we have focused decimals. We have looked at converting decimals into fractions, counting forwards and backwards in decimals and even linked our decimals to word problems about sport relief.

Next week, we will be focusing language linking to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Also this week: we really our music assemblies which we performed for our parents – thank you so much to all of the parents who could make it to watch us!

A few pictures:

Tree Assembly Achievement Winners:
: Alfonso
4O: Siyar                 
4M:  Chris


What fantastic Hazelnuts!

***************************   REMINDERS &  NOTICES  *******************************

Culture day
On the 28th of March 2018 we will be holding a culture day in Year 4 – this is the opportunity for each and every child to bring in a presentation about their own culture/country of heritage and share it with the class and possibly the whole year group if they would like. We also ask that the children bring in a food from their culture so that we can all share and taste foods from different countries. Last year’s event was an amazing success and we know that this year will be too! If there are any parents out there that would like to come in and tell us something about their culture/country then please speak to Miss Hilton beforehand who can try to organise this!

CALLING ALL PARENTS/CARERS – Share your talents!!!

We would love to have some parents/carers in school to share skills and talents with us. You may do something that would be helpful to share with us so please speak to one of the year 4 teachers if you are interested.

Our topics are:

Spring 2: Let’s settle with the Anglo Saxons and the Scots 

Summer 1: Crash! Bang! Wallop!

Summer 2: Spain

If you could be any help, we would really appreciate it!


P.E. Kits
Please ensure that children have clean and complete PE kits in school, ready to be used. Thank you.
PE days: 4R– Monday & Thursday  4O– Tuesday & Thursday   4M– Wednesday & Thursday



As you know, spelling is now a massive part of the curriculum and we want your children to be fantastic spellers! Throughout the year, we aim to teach the children some new spelling conventions. Please have a look in side bar to the right of this page and you will see a spelling document – this will provide you with the spelling conventions we will look at throughout the year and all of the spellings your children need to know how to spell by the end of the year. If they can practise these at home as well as in school – that would be a massive help! Thank you for your ongoing support!!






World book day:








AUTUMN 1: The Iron Man (Big Bang)

LEGOland Windsor (School Trip)


List of good revision websites and books:

List of spelling websites:
BBC – KS2 Bitesize English – Spelling & grammar
BBC – KS2 Bitesize English – Spelling : Play
Crickweb | KS2 Literacy
spelling – Topmarks Search
English Spelling Games and Activities