Our learning journey this half term is: Famous people


Week Ending: Friday 20th April

In English:
This week: 
 We kick started our new learning journey by researching facts about the famous artist, ‘Vincent Van Gogh’. Scattered around the classroom were some of his famous paintings and children were challenged with the task of finding out who created them. They used IPads and books to first identify the artist and then continued to research facts, recording them on a fact file template. From this, we generated vocabulary and came up with rhyming couplets to use in our poems. Then we explored features of a limerick and used syllables to create our own, all about Van Gogh!

Next week: We will return to narrative writing and recap the 5 parts of a story; opening, build up, problem/dilemma, resolution and ending. Our stimulus will be a fantastic animation which we will reveal to the children gradually, as we explore each part of the story in detail. To support the children in writing their opening, they will first use senses and drama to ‘step into the animation’ and build a tableau of the setting. We will focus on descriptive language and ambitious vocabulary.

In Maths: 

This week:  We have been recapping place value and applying our knowledge to a variety of problems. The children found it most challenging to fill in missing numbers in a sequence e.g. 45, ___, 51, 54, ____. We then moved on to statistics where the children used tallies to collect data about the amount of siblings people had. They then presented this information in a bar chart.

Next Week: Position and direction will be the focus at the start of next week and, similar to their homework, children will follow directions and generate their own directions using specific vocabulary e.g. anti-clockwise, clock-wise, quarter turn and half turn. From mid-week onwards, our focus will be on telling the time, comparing and identifying units of time and then applying this understanding to trickier problems.


Also this week:

We found a bin bag full of unusual artefacts and sources so we had to become history detectives to explore and ask questions. The children used inference and deduction to suggest what the owner might have been like, using the evidence to support their ideas. We realised they belonged to the famous Florence Nightingale!

Our Red carpet event was fantastic and the children all looked amazing! Thank you for making such a huge effort with their costumes. They thoroughly enjoyed: working with oil pastels to explore colour, shade and blending, a variety of activities in athletics and finally, using instruments in music lessons to follow and create a repeated pattern.


In Spanish:  Year 2 children were practising the months of the year by singing  a song ‘ Los meses del año ‘ and completing various word puzzles to reinforce the spelling of the months.




Tree Assembly Achievement Winners:   NO ASSEMBLY THIS WEEK DUE TO OUR MEGA STORIES



*********************************   REMINDERS & NOTICES  *********************************

The days that your child will need to have their full PE kit in school are as follows;
2R: Thursday and Friday
2O: Tuesday and Thursday
2M: Tuesday and Thursday


Calling all parents…Share your talents & passions!
Our upcoming learning journeys for the year are as follows:
Autumn 1: Our Local Area (Palmers Green)
Autumn 2:
The Victorians
Spring 1: Dragons (materials)
Spring 2:
 All Around the World
Summer 1: Famous people
Summer 2:
If you have any particular interest, knowledge or speciality in any of these areas / topics, we would love to hear from you! Some parents have expressed an interest in delivering informal workshops or talks to the children, linking to our current learning journey. Please talk to your child’s teacher or Year Leader if this is something you are interested in. We appreciate what a great asset our parents are at Hazelwood in supporting our children with their learning. A big thank you in advance to any volunteers!

If you will be available to support us at any point this year, please see the office to complete a DBS check as it is not possible for you to accompany us without one. You will also need to do an induction with Mrs Gannon. Thank you again for your amazing support.



Autumn 1: Our Local Area

BIG BANG: A Mysterious Time capsule is found on Hazelwood Grounds!

The children and staff were puzzled when some peculiar items and photos were found around school. We worked together to raise questions that we had about the time capsule’s contents and noted any observations. The children were fantastic at deducing information from their observations; they explained what they showed us about our local area ‘back then’. We even thought about what we could put in our  own time capsule that would best represent Hazelwood and Palmers Green ‘now’.

DSC00416 DSC00405







They absolutely loved baking cookies to raise money for the Friends of Broomfield Park!












We had such fun at Broomfield Park to celebrate our Learning Journey!


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Autumn 2: The Victorians

BIG BANG: The children looked fantastic in their Victorian schools. They learned a great deal about the differences in Victorian education, compared with modern schooling. Some loved wearing the dunce hat and pretending to be caned.
















Spring 1: Dragons

BIG BANG: Something mysterious appeared in our nature garden… A DRAGON EGG! The office informed us of this on Friday morning and we went to investigate; we found plenty of peculiar, mysterious clues, such as: green and red substances, scales, an enormous foot print and a huge egg! Where did it come from? Why was it left? The children have been discussing properties of materials so that we can choose suitable ones to build a protective nest!

Science museum: 





Our wonderful dragon puppets:

World Book day was a success! The children all looked amazing so thank you for all getting involved. They particularly enjoyed reading with Year 5 buddies and sharing their wow words from their chosen stories. We’ve added some to our ‘Power of words’ displays to help us with our learning.

Our trip to the zoo!



Our Design and Technology project was to design and make a healthier alternative to the commercial pizza; they loved it!


List of useful revision websites:



List of  useful spelling websites: