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This half–term, our learning Learning Journey is: 

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Week Ending: Friday 19th October

In English: 

This week, the children began learning about letter writing and the features of a letter. They discussed how a letter is written and, as a class, we wrote a letter to the Museum of Childhood.

After half term, the children will be writing a poem about weather and beginning to use adjectives to add description.

In Mathematics:

This week, the children have been solving addition number sentences, using a number line to support them.

After half term, the children will be solving subtraction number sentences, using objects to support them.

Also this week: 

The children created their own timeline, using pictures of themselves to put their life in chronological order. We also had a teddy bear picnic in the playground to celebrate the end of our Learning Journey.

Tree Assembly Achievement Winners:  

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1R: Ektoras
1O: Seyma
1M: Ilirdi


  ******************* REMINDERS AND NOTICES ******************

Please can you make sure that the children bring their book bags, including their reading books and reading records, into school every day.


The children will need their full PE kit in school, throughout the week. Please can you make sure that they have their names on every item of clothing and that any jewellery is removed before school.


PE days are as follows:
1R:  Thursday and Friday
1O:  Thursday and Friday
1M:  Wednesday and Friday

Any parents or helpers who would like to assist us with trips and workshops, please could you notify the office. We really need and appreciate your support.


Thank you

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Museum of Childhood

On Monday 1st October, we went to the Museum of childhood in Bethnal Green. We looked at all of the old and new toys and even had a chance to play with some. Here are some of the toys we played with…