Year 1 

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Year 1

This half–term’s Learning Journey is: Plants.

                                                                Week Ending: Friday 23rd March

In English: 

This week, the children  wrote the end of the story ‘Ben Plants a Butterfly Garden’ by Kate Petty and Axel Scheffler and a recount of their trip to Capel Manor. Next week, the children will be predicting what they would find at the top of a beanstalk .

In Mathematics:

This week, the children  measured and begun to record lengths and heights. They  compared, described and solved practical problems for lengths and heights (e.g. long/short, tall/short, double/half). Next week, the children will be continuing to  measure and record lengths and heights.

Also this week: 

Week beginning: 19th March

Capel Manor

The children went on their trip to Capel Manor. They went round the 30 acres of richly planted themed gardens including a woodland walk, an Italianate Maze and “The Animal Stockyard”  where they saw the animals: meerkats, alpacas, owls, Shetland ponies and rabbits.


Tree Assembly Achievement Winners:
1R: Emma

1O: All of the class
1M: Dalia

******************* REMINDERS AND NOTICES ******************

Wednesday 28th March: Daffodil Breakfast


Tuesday 8th May: 1R- Trip to Morrisons

Wednesday 9th May: 1M- Trip to Morrisons

Thursday 10th May: 1O- Trip to Morrisons






National Science Week

The children had the opportunity to partake in a science workshop as part of National Science Week. They were introduced to ‘Professor Nitrogen’ and his ‘Mad Lab’. The children watched him experiment with a variety of fuels, ingredients and pressures to create different explosions. The children were also invited to join in with some of the experiments. The workshop fuelled the children with an excitement for science.


On Thursday 1st March, we celebrated World Book Day.

Wednesday 7th February

The firefighters from our local fire station: Southgate visited our school to carry out an educational workshop about home fire safety.

 History Off the Page came to our school on Tuesday 6th February and recreated ‘life’ during the Great Fire of London. They provided valuable learning opportunities for our Year 1 children through a combination of role play, practical activities (in the form of workshops) and hands on experiences with facsimile artefacts. It was an amazing experience! Thank you to all those parents who dressed their children for the day as it really did make a difference and also a very big thank you to all those parents who helped on that day.

Friday 12th January

The Museum of London

The children visited The War, Plague and Fire Gallery. They also had a storytelling session which incorporated evidence about the experiences of men, women and children, as well as Pepys, King Charles and Thomas Farriner (the baker). The children acted out key characters, the crooked houses of London, and the flames of the Great Fire.

6th and  7th December 2017

The First Nativity

The children performed the Concert three times: once to Reception and Year 2, and twice to their parents!

  • The musicians knew which instruments to play and when to play them
  • The carol singers sang beautifully
  • The narrators spoke in a loud, clear voice and they all remembered their lines
  • The dancers were fantastic
  • The young actors and actresses came on the stage at the right time and also spoke using a loud, clear voice

It was a joy to watch and we are all very proud of them.

Monday 4th December 2017

We  visited St John The Evangelist. At the church, the children identified some of the features of a church which make it a special place for Christians.

2nd, 5th, and 9th October 2017

The children had a fantastic time at the Museum of Childhood.  They had a really good look at all the old and new toys in the glass cabinets and enthusiastically played with all the toys that were available for them to play with, around the museum. The Punch and Judy puppet theater was a big hit! During the workshops we booked, the children had an introduction to chronology. They had to put certain toys on a timeline according to whether the toys were around during their grandparents, parents or their own lives. 

Thursday 28th September 2017

The children compiled a list of questions and interviewed Miss Ross in the hall, about the toys she use to play with when she was a child.

Summer 2: Amazing Animals

Summer 1: Healthy Eating

Spring 2: Plants

Spring 1: The Great Fire of London

AUTUMN 2: The Weather

AUTUMN 1: Toys


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