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This half–term, our learning Learning Journey is: The Great Fire of London

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Week Ending: Friday 8th February

In English: 

This week, the children learned about the rules when using ‘s’ and ‘es’ to make a plural.

After half term, the children will be learning about rhyming couplets and writing their own rhyming poem.

In Mathematics:

This week, the children have been learning about 3D shapes and began to discuss their properties.

After half term, the children will be practising to read and write numbers as words. They will also be ordering numbers on a number line.

Also this week, the children took part in History Off The page and enjoyed learning even more about The Great Fire of London. The children then made cardboard houses which we burned in the playground. The children were able to see how The Great Fire of London spread so quickly and discussed it.

Tree Assembly Achievement Winners:  

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  ******************* REMINDERS AND NOTICES ******************

Please can you make sure that the children bring their book bags, including their reading books and reading records, into school every day.

The children will need their full PE kit in school, throughout the week. Please can you make sure that they have their names on every item of clothing and that any jewellery is removed before school.

***Can you also make sure that children have long sleeves jumpers/hoodies and bottoms in their PE bags***

PE days are as follows:
1R:  Thursday and Friday
1O:  Thursday and Friday
1M:  Wednesday and Friday

Any parents or helpers who would like to assist us with trips and workshops, please could you notify the office. We really need and appreciate your support.

Thank you

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Burning of the Houses

On Wednesday 13th February, Year 1 went into the playground and burnt their cardboard houses. They saw how the fire spread quickly and how the wind helped that.

History Off The Page

On Monday 11th February, the children took part in a workshop all about The Great Fire of London. They had lots of fun making things and learning about the event.

Cinderella Ball

On Wednesday 23rd January, the children attended a Cinderella Ball and danced all afternoon.

Questions for Cinderella

On Thursday 17th January, Cinderella came in to visit the children. Throughout the week, the children thought of questions to pose and then had a chance to ask Cinderella herself.

A visit from the Firefighters

On Wednesday 9th February, the local Firefighters came in to visit Year 1. As part of our Learning Journey, the children will be learning about the importance of fire safety. Whilst the firefighters were here, the children were able to ask them questions and find out about what they do.

Visit to St John’s Church

On Thursday 13th December, Year 1 visited St John’s Church in Palmers Green. The children walked around the Church and discussed what they could see. The reverend spoke about Christianity and answered any questions that the children had.


On Thursday 6th December, Year 1 performed their Nativity. They acted out the story, sang songs and danced. Thank you so much to everyone who came to watch and we are very proud of all the children.

Museum of Childhood

On Monday 1st October, we went to the Museum of childhood in Bethnal Green. We looked at all of the old and new toys and even had a chance to play with some. Here are some of the toys we played with…