Easter Egg Competition 2017

Thank you to all those children that entered this year’s competition. The theme this year was ‘Health and Happiness’. Your entries were amazing and so creative and no two entries were the same. It was a very tough job for PC Doris and Sally Symons (road safety leader from Enfield) to judge the competition and select the winning entry from each class.

All children received a certificate for their entry from Miss Ross. The winners were announced in the end of term assemblies and each child received a chocolate Easter egg. Their photos can be seen below.

Daisies – Sofien Jaumdally    Sunflowers – Lena Lambrou

Blue – Malachi Johnson   Yellow – Noah Corke   Red – Alexander Cenuka

1R – Leanna Johnson  1O – Olivia Lopez   1M – Mya Shah

2R – Bilal Riaz   2O – Zayd Khairul   2M – Violet May Channing

3R – Katy Cenuka   3O – Cassie Caruana   3M – Matteo Testasecca

4R – Emma Smith   4O – Daniel Tasyaka   4M – Leyla Dervish   4A – Leopold Colvin

5R – Sky Anderson-Daye   5O – Yasemin Dack   5M – Derman Duzgun

6R – Mustansir Maimoon   6O – Michael Economou   6M – Loren Jammalova and Victoria Papanicolaou

DSC_0405 DSC_0410 DSC_0404 DSC_0403 DSC_0402 DSC_0401 DSC_0400 DSC_0399 DSC_0398 DSC_0396 DSC_0397


Easter Egg Competition 2016 WINNERS!

Blue – Grace Edwards    Yellow – Cecily H.D    Red – Joshua Bush

1R – Kaitlyn Ewan    1O – Peny Jones    1M – Charlie Barker

2R – Cassie Caruana     2O – Charlotte Schlagman    2M – Katina Georgiou

3R – Josie Jones     3O – Isaac Thwaites    3M – Luca Barberi    3A – Zofia Krupinska

4R – Morgan Donelly    4O – Rayyan Husain    4M  – Fred Burton

5R – Olivia Cookhorn    5O – Safiya Elemen    5M – Loren Jammalova and Vicky Papanicolaou

6R – Kaia Law    6O – Nicola Oblaska    6M – Shreya Kantamneni